Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Change in Blogs

Hello everyone, I came here to tell you about my new blog that you are welcome to follow at A Day Dreamer's Blog.  I don't think I shall be posting much on this blog.  The reason for creating a new one is because I kind of just wanted to start over as this blog was more about my gothy interests and gothiness and it felt better to leave it as is and start up a new one for other things.

My interests have changed over the last few months and goth really just doesn't fit how one would describe or label me anymore.  I would rather go by alternative, which is really what I am rather than goth and what I was always.  Many of my interests are gothicly inclined still and haven't changed but how I feel about it and what I consider true goth has changed.

All the same this blog will always be here and you are welcome to come join me in my new one.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If You Really Want It You Can Wait

For quite a long time I have been wanting a death hawk/mohawk with side burns and all, and even possibly purple and black, or red.  Since I was fifteen that has been a hair style I would like to have.  Right now is the shortest my hair has ever been but no Mohawk. 

 This was before I got my hair cut this summer.

This is how it looks now. 
You may be wondering why I haven't gotten a Mohawk yet like I want.  Well, there are two reasons really.  The first one is that off and on I would decide I wanted a different kind of hair cut/style, and to me that is a sign not to get one until those doubts go away, or I may end up hating it.  (They are gone now.)  The second reason is that when I asked my mom and dad about it.  My mom isn't too big on the idea but she said she could see me with one, but thought I should wait, and my dad just told me that I could do whatever when I was eighteen, which I won't have too long to wait for. 
I now there are others who would just go out and get what they wanted anyways or do it themselves because they didn't like the answer they got.  Well, I find that rude and immature, not to mention disrespectful.  You certainly may want a piercing, or colored hair, or Mohawk, yes, but if you are under eighteen or live under your parents roof then you should probably listen.  My mom isn't against the idea and when I get one she won't be all upset.  But that is just my mom.  My dad couldn't care less I'm sure.  Which is fine with me!  But even if your parents are strict and all, rebelling isn't doing anyone any good, in that sense anyways.
And if you can't wait for it, then you must not want it too bad.  I have learned that from experience in all kinds of thing from clothes, to hair, to whatever. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Doc Martens!

I totally intended on posting last month, I have pictures and everything all planned out, but obviously that didn't work out.  Life is a mystery sometimes and to be honest some things came up and I wasn't up for posting anything at all till now since I kind of only have a half day of school today. 

But I do have a post for you all today, about my first pair of Doc Martens. 

I have never owned a pair before but I always wanted to.  So with the money I had from working long hours at the Fair this summer I went to Jouneys and bought this pair here.  And I am very excited about it because for the first time I bought, with my own money, a really nice pair of boots.  They cost me $140, the most I have ever spent on one buy or even in one month.  I never have that kind of money.

I have only worn them three times so far and on the back of each ankle I got a nasty blister from breaking them in.  But each time I wear them they get more comfortable, as is usual with boots.  I hope they last a long time, they appear like they will.

 Listening to: Aerosmith - Dream On


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Halloween Related Cliches; Week 2

Sorry for this post being like a week late but I've been really busy with school at the moment. 

So I didn't necessarily skip Week 1 but I kind of made a post about my thoughts on Halloween last year so I figured that I'd cheat and just put the link up, here.  Basically though, I really do hate it when people accuse Satan of having a birthday or a day to himself because he doesn't have a birthday and God is in control everyday of the it's just disturbing to even think that way about it.  Some things I like though would be making decorations and carving pumpkins!  And candy...always candy...

Moving on now... Some cliches that I have that relate to Halloween are you, goth cliches too more or less.  For instance the whole spooky creepy like stuff that only comes out during this time of the year like my love of skulls and bats.

I like to watch movies such as Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) and Young Frankenstein (1974) or movies that have the whole Halloween cliche thing going on that sometimes it seems slightly ridiculous and overused.  I usually watch these movies on Halloween or close enough.  Oh, and Hocus Pocus (1993).

I also like to try and dress up, and take myself little sister trick or treating with my mom.  This year I kind of want to do something vampire like, but I'm not sure, I usually do something like a witch.

That's all I can think of at the moment.


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Halloween Challenge

Since I know I won't have ideas for all 31 days of October, I just decided it would be practical to do one for every week.  Plus, that way if you are like me and don't have time to post everyday, you can just choose a day out of your week to post.  I think I will post every Wednesday or Thursday...

So here are the weeks that lead up to Halloween:

Week One: What is your favorite things about Halloween? What are your thoughts on Halloween?

Week Two: What are some of your Halloween related cliches?

Week Three: What is one of your favorite Halloween costume? If you still like to dress up, what are you wearing this year?

Week Four: Make a spooky treat to eat.

Week Five: What are your plans for Halloween? Share some pictures of your spooky Halloween. (Like throughout your day or pictures of the party you are going to or something.)

It's just something that I thought would be a fun thing to do for the occasion.  I hope you all would like to join me in this, and don't for get to link to me if you do. ^-^


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Music of the Moment

I did a post like this before a while back, here.  And well, here is it again.

I am into a lot of different music genres and have a variety of music tastes, and I often go through "stages" where I will listen to a certain genre or song for sometimes a week and then suddenly flip around to a totally different one.  It all depends on the mood I'm in I suppose. 

Here are some of the songs that I have been "into" this month as it were, hope you enjoy!  Plus, I'm feeling rather lazy so a video post naturally sounds good to me.

1. Thousand Foot Krutch (one of my all time favorite bands) - Broken Wing  (Sorry it's kind of crappy, but it's the best one I could find on YouTube.)

2. Unspoken - Who You Are  
Now this one I heard on the radio while listening to Air1 and it just kind of stuck with me.  (What kind of goth/alternative listens to this kind of music?!  Uh, this one. :P )

3. Owl City - Shooting Star
This is a new song from Owl City, so naturally I had to check it out and loved it.

4. The Birthday Massacre - Burn Away
This is of their EP Imaginary Monsters, and I really want it, and maybe I will.

5. The Cure - The End of the World
I always seem to come back get this song stuck in my head...
6. For King & Country - The Proof of Your Love
I absolutely love the message of this song, and it is not shown enough, even with Christians.  Love is the most powerful thing in the world, more powerful than hate, and it is not just some stupid feeling that gets you into trouble and all that, it's so much more.


Friday, September 21, 2012


I have no Internet connection on my laptop for the time being, for about a month now actually, and for some reason blogger would no let me put up the poll for the Halloween challenge, till now. 

I have been terribly preoccupied with school, church, and life this month, and when I did have free time to get on and post, I didn't think about it and instead did other things like read for fun and draw and all that good stuff.  But with this Challenge, I think I'll be on here more.

Recently this month and last month I have been doing programing lights for weekend every other week and for Rift.  I've been running lights for a couple of years now but I have only programmed by myself a couple of times till this summer.  I never did it earlier because there was always a certain someone (who I shall not name) who was doing the lights instead all last year for Rift, but now that he is going to college there is only me to do lights for Rift.  I should show you guys some pictures of the place sometime.

As far as school goes, well it's a whole lot better than last year, my junior year, because not only do I have less subjects that I am taking but also because it is a little calmer I think. 

Currently I am taking:
  • Algebra II
  • Modern Literature/Speech
  • U.S. History (2nd half)/Economics
  • Bible
  • Geology + lab/ Psychology (college courses at MSUBillings)
  • Latin I (and by November), Latin II
  • Personal Finance (which instead of doing it in one semester I am doing it through the whole school year)
  • Geography (1/4 credit)

Next semester will look a little different, the slash (or is it dash? *brain just died*) represents the semesters.

Tah-tah for now!

Listening to: Burn Away - The Birthday Massacre


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Future Challenge for Halloween

So, I was just sort of wondering what all of you thought about this because I would like it if I did this that you would join me too.  I want to do a Halloween challenge to cover either 31 days of October or a post for every week (5) starting Wednesday October 3rd and going to Halloween which is on Wednesday this year. 

I know it seems a bit cliche but I really don't care too much because no matter how old I get Halloween always brings me some childish joy, like Christmas still does.  And I don't like Halloween just because I like dark and spooky stuff, I like Halloween and I like dark and spooky stuff.  And I want to do a little something special for it, ya know? 

I have decided to do a poll for it, because I wanted to. 

Google Images

What do you think about a Halloween Challenge?

  • I like the idea.
  • I don't like it.
  • A 31 days challenge.
  • 5 week challenge.


Note: At this time I cannot set up the poll. It will be set up by the 27th of this month.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Things I Have Learned on Blogging

1. Be Yourself

Obviously this should be a given I suppose because what better way would there be than to be you?  If you are trying to be someone you are not then not many people are going to be interested in reading your blog.  People, including me, like to read about others and their experiences, ups and downs, and what others are interested in, especially if they are interested in it too.  And there is always that whole "so I'm not the only one!" thing too.

2. Write About Things You Love and Things Others Love Too

It's fun to write about things that you get excited about like maybe your favorite band, clothes, shoes, TV shows, books, etc.  It's a good place to start when you aren't sure what you want to actually write about.  Maybe you have a hobby or a passion for something that you could write about and share your joy with others, and they may even share in that joy as well.  I know I like to see other people collections of things they enjoy.  And if you know that there are many other people out there who love what you love then it's a good idea to write about because why wouldn't they want to read about something they love too.  Like I know that there are a lot of people and bloggers out there who like make-up, and so I see a lot of bloggers write about make-up tutorials and such because they love it and so do many of their readers.  So look around and see if you can find something to write about that you love as well as others.

3. Try to Write Consistently

I do this all the time and I try not to but sometimes I just have nothing to write about and that's okay.  But I know that one of my pet peeves is when the blogger suddenly just stops writing for a while.  Try to at least write something once or twice a month, unless of course you just have nothing to write then you can't help it.  But I think it does help to try to keep it up so it keeps you going.

4. Don't be Afraid of Saying What's on Your Mind (unless it shouldn't be said)

Maybe you need to get something off your chest or want to share something that you found interesting or feel needs to be shared, share it.  But always be aware that if it is a very controversial then if might be a good idea to stay away unless you make a point of letting the readers know that this is just how you feel about it and are not trying to offend anyone.  And you don't need to share what is too personal to you unless you want to.  Maybe what's on your mind is something you think no one will want to hear about, don't be afraid to hold back too much.  I have posted things before that I thought no one would care about and it turned out to be a good idea that I posted it.

5. Change Is Okay 

I have changed this blog a few times from what I wanted the title to be to the layout, to what I wanted this blog to be about or what I wanted to write.  Peoples interests change and so does their style and what they like to do, and their is nothing wrong with that.  For me, I have changed some since I was fifteen so what I originally started this blog for has changed.   And sometimes I just get bored of the look so why not change it up?  In fact that's what I just did recently, as you can see.  I changed up my blog a bit and I quite like it now.  So go for it.  But if you want to do something totally different, you can always make a new account just for that too.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where Have You Been?!

Jeez, I'm sorry I haven't posted in like a whole month, I guess summer just kind of got me and I can't believe it's August already!  What happened?  I'm only sad that the family and I  didn't get to go camping yet since there was the whole this with no fires and my dad golfing every weekend.  And hey, I got a job!  My first real job that is not working for my parents and I start Friday, working the Montana Fair.  I work concessions for the Metra, the place where there are concerts and the Fair and other things like that.  Sadly though I didn't get to put any art work in the fair this year because I missed the deadline.

The painting above is one the the pieces I was going to put into the fair for a scholarship.  It's acrylic paint, Burnt Sienna, and I did this at my art class back in March. 

And just because I thought this was cool, this is a picture from when I was at Super Summer, although it was outside the camp a ways up a mountain near by.  My friend Colton took me up there during my free time.
It's an old mining shaft.  Pretty cool right?

Also, there's been a lot of other crap going on in life lately with the family and with some of my friends so that is also part of why I haven't bothered to post because I just haven't felt like it.  But I have some ideas for posts and will probably get started in the next couple of days, or even today. 


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monthly Poll: Cat or Dog Person

Ah, the question that determines if you are intelligent or not: are you a cat person or dog person?  Okay, no not really.  I mean, come on, does it really matter in the end?  No, of course not!

This is my cat Mittens, and he is now three years going on four and we got him from the animal shelter when he was 11 months old back in 2009 in August.  His birthday is about the same day as my Grandpa John's. 

He's so spoiled.

For me I am both a cat and dog person because I have grown up around both.  That also can affect which one you prefer most, like if you were raised around cats then you may like cats more, and if you were raised around dogs you may like dogs more, even though that's not always the case.

Even then I had black stompy boots. :)
This is a picture of my dog, my very first.  Her name was Shay and she was the most sweet and gentle dog I have ever known, and she was my best friend.  It's really a sad story of how we had to give her to my aunt and uncle at the farm because we were moving away to Arizona, so I'm not going to tell you because I will only cry.  I had her for a whole year.

I would show you a picture of my Grandpa's dog Snuffy (who I named), but I don't have one, being I was only 11 when I last saw Snuffy,

Are you a cat person or dog person?

  • Cat person
  • Dog person
  • Neither
  • Other (maybe you are a horse person?)
  • Both


P.S.  I will be away at Super Summer till Saturday.  There are a couple of things I wanted to blog about which I have not gotten to yet so I'll be posting those when I get back. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Highland Fair

 I had never been to a Renaissance fair before or any other thing like that so when my best friend Cassandra told me about it I was so happy and I had a great time with her there.  I took place at the Zoo (which actually is not a zoo anymore because they had to get rid of a lot of animals) last Saturday and Sunday, the hottest weekend on the month, and we went on Sunday.

I am such a dork...
Cassandra took that of me before we left.  And as we were on our way I realized I left my water at home and also my camera!  But thankfully she brought her's so all of the pictures in this post are the ones she took, but personally I would have gone picture taking crazy as I do when I bring my camera places. 

The Highland fair was a mix of medieval and Renaissance themes, and I would have loved to taken pictures of all the people in their awesome costumes that most had made themselves, they were pretty amazing.  I so could have easily spent at least a hundred dollars there or more, but I only had very little to spend, and I spent a total of $2...yes $2.  One dollar for water and another for a cool little handmade clay bowl.  Most all of the venders there sold handmade stuff with the medieval theme going on, and I love medieval nicknacks, especially dragans and unicorns.

When we were there they had a bellydance show at the amptheater that we went to watch.  I can't remember the name of the group but they go all around the state and they were really good.

This was there last act.

And this was the peacock that follows people around the zoo...don't all zoo's have one?

After walking around the zoo for awhile looking at all of the stands and wishing we had the money to buy stuff in the blazing heat we went for ice cream we sat in on an Opera, and it was alright.
This is one of the Opera singers.

Also while I was there I noticed that there were a lot of gothy types there, the only place here were I have seen that many in one place, and honestly it was kind of cool.

This is the bowl I bought, and I like the coating inside.
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." ~ Joshua 1:9b
I had more to spend but I had something else in mind to buy at Hastings.  The cross necklace in the picture is what I really wanted to buy with part of the birthday money I had, it coast $9.99.  The Bible verse bellow the picture is what is written on the back of the cross, a Bible verse that means a lot to me and that I will always be able to carry around with me.

Listening to: FM Static - Crazy Mary


Friday, June 29, 2012

Lebster Award

So, while looking around for some more blogs to follow I found I was tagged by Jess at Rabbit Library and I will for sure be following your blog, and thanks! 

So the rules are:

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you gave you.
  3. Make 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.
  4. Choose 11 bloggers and link to them in your post.
  5. And no tag backs.

The 11 Things About Me:

  1. Even though I love to wear lot of black and dark clothes I love to surround myself in color.
  2. My room has three different colored walls with one that has them all (purple, green, and blue) with black touches (like the bedding, frames, lamps, etc.)
  3. I'm going in for my first job interview Monday, July 2nd, for a job working concessions at the Metra and/or Montana Fair.
  4. I'm a loser because I still don't have my Driver's License and most everyone I know does.
  5. I love Thai Iced Tea and I think it is my favorite drink ever!
  6. I like wearing ties and want more.
  7. I like tattoos but don't think I'll ever actually get one no matter how awesome they are.
  8. I like to wear colorful socks, especially if they are stripped or something.
  9. I am currently reading The Hobbit and am loving it and I'm listening to my mom read The Hunger Games to my sister, loving that too.
  10. I feel bare if I leave the house with out sunblock on.
  11. I absolutely love purple and hate when it shows up blue in pictures.

11 Questions I Must Answer: 

  1.  What was the last book you read?  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, for school.  Love that book.
  2. Do you prefer daytime or nighttime? I prefer nighttime, or evening, and my mind seems to wake up then and I have energy.
  3. What place to you want to travel to? So many...Thailand, Canada (Toronto and Ontario), the UK, Australia, Japan.
  4. What is your favorite comedian? Well, there is only one that comes to mind: Brain Regan.
  5. What is your favorite flowers? I love Tulips...and Poppies.
  6. What was the last Science Fiction you watched? The Abyss, a 1989 movie.
  7. Do you still keep any of your childhood items? Yes, mostly stuffed animals and nicknacks.
  8. Do you listen to classical music? Not all the time but yes, and I do enjoy it when I do.
  9. What is your favorite book character? That's a tough one, there are so many...Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet.
  10. What is your favorite dessert? Coco brownies that my mom makes or her pistachio cake. Heaven!
  11. Do you prefer drinking shake or smoothie?  I prefer the shake but I like both.

The People I'm Tagging:
Some of the bloggers I would tag have been tagged and I am going to count them anyways even though they obviously don't have to do this again. :)  So, am I cheating?  Probably but I don't really care too much.

  1. FadeToBlack. I just love her blog.
  2. A Dark Mind in Dark Times
  3. Adventures of a Blind Goth
  4. Confessions of an Australian Goth
  5. Geeky Goth Girl
  6. Graveyard Picnic 
  7. Sincerely, Boots
  8. Stripy Tights and Dark Delights.
  9. The Halloween Ladybug
  10. The Outcast of Adam Road
  11. The Walrus Room
Numbers 8. and 11. I know have already done this.

My Questions for You:

  1. What is your favorite candy?
  2. What book are you currently reading or have just finished?
  3. What was the last movie you saw in the movie theater?
  4. Do you like the Opera?
  5. What is your favorite restaurant?
  6. Do you prefer Autumn or Winter; Spring or Summer?
  7. What is your favorite fruit?
  8. What do you carry around the most?
  9. What is your dream car?
  10. What anime shows do you watch?
  11. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?


Monday, June 25, 2012

A Rant About Mormons

I just kind of wanted to write about my rant with Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, and if you are one I am not attacking you, in fact don't even take it that way, so no offense.  But I must say, some of the ones I have run into are rather, uh...on the creepy side for me.  And I am not bashing your religion, I feel that to be very wrong, but I am going to rant and you shall see about what.

Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are, so I have been told, are Christians, they are a denomination of their own.  I am not necessarily going to disagree with that, since I don't know that much about Jehovah Witnesses, but I do know a lot about Mormons.  And while there is not really anything bad about being one, I want to stay away from it myself.

Do you ever get those people who go from door to door all dressed up nice and have their Bible with them and what ever else and will not leave you alone?  In fact you may even dread it when you see them walking down your street.  Well I know I have.  No offense, but when some people think of Christians they think of those people who come knocking at your door trying to convert you to what they believe, and that is not most Christians here, in fact it is only those two.  It really does bug me, I guess it's a pet peeve of mine, when they won't leave you alone even when you tell them you go to church, you are a Christian, and you are not interested.  Then I feel the urge to shut the door on them so they get the message and leave me alone.  I have never done that as it is rude, but I have thought of it...I'm only human here.

I think going door to door like that is wrong, because if that person wants to find God, they will find Him, He's everywhere, there are churches everywhere, except where it is illegal of course.  And doing that drives people away and makes them get frustrated, that or they just don't care.  Also, one time my mother and I got stopped on a walk when two Mormon men stopped us and didn't like how we were trying to leave so we could walk and told them we were Christians and went to a church already.  Then they gave us a card that said something about being married in Heaven, and no, there is no marriage in Heaven, not eve sex as their is no need any longer. 

I actually had a friend once who was a Mormon, her name was Jessica.  I remember her telling me about how they were Christian and believed in Jesus and all, but then she told me later on that they weren't allowed to have a Bible in their house, but they had to have the Book of Mormon.  If you are a Christian then you kind of need the Bible, God's Word, which He says to read.  One time she invited me to go to church with her, which was a very interesting experience for me.  She said that they had to go to that one by their house and everyone who lived by it had to go there, and it was like that everywhere, you have to go to a certain one, unlike other Christians who pick the one that best suits them if you even want to go (like us).  It made me a little uncomfortable as I was not used to going to a church where the men wore suits and the women wore dresses and long skirts, or where you had to sit in pews, and listened to the pastor read from the Book of Mormon.  When they broke us up and I went with my friend and her age group, the group leader asked if I was Mormon and I said I was Christian (you know, no denomination), she gave me a funny look and then everything got awkward.
What bugs me is that being a Christian apparently isn't good enough, you need to be in their denomination.  That's wrong because we are on the same side and are all Christians no matter what little difference there may be, right?   That's what I believe, that we are all on the same side no matter if you are Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, etc.

So one morning on a Saturday when I was still in my pajamas the doorbell rang so I went to answer it, and it was two Jehovah Witnesses (which I noticed that the women go around and for Mormons it's the men that go around...) and they were going on about the end of the world and all that stuff.  They actually were nice about it when I told them that I was already a Christian and all, and they usually are pretty nice about it.

And while I won't go into some of the more disturbing things that I have come to learn about Mormon beliefs (like polygamy and old guys marrying teenage girls, which they don't do anymore), I will say that they don't have Christian beliefs and are sometimes against what the Bible says and are actually more of a Cult, which I found was very interesting.  Also, they say that God was a man on another planet (or whatever) and that he as so good that when he died he got his own world...  Also the guy who came up with the Mormon religion, which I believe it to be it's own religion, was all alone with no witnesses and no one around, it was all him.  A lot of people saw Jesus in His day and saw Him die and heard Him speak, and all the prophets in the Bible had witnesses, and wrote about real people and what they saw, it wasn't just one man writing a book (he would have to have been at least a thousand years old).

I know that all that may have sounded like I was attacking, but I was not, I was just letting out a rant and sharing my personal opinion, and that is perfectly okay if you disagree.  People have can believe in whatever they choose, that is not my business.


P.S. I when to the Highland festival, which is like a Renascence fair with medieval stuff, and will blog about it later this week I think. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eating Healthy and Not Eating Meat

If you want to know a lot more about eating a proper God made diet (so I call it...) than maybe you should watch the documentary Forks Over Knives.

Now of course I knew that eating too much meat was not good for you and that you shouldn't have dairy products, and I knew some of how industries that produce our meat and dairy mistreat and basically abuse the animals, but there was some that I didn't know that much about that I do know. 

See, I have never been against being a Vegan, there's nothing wrong with that at all and you are probably much healthier eating the proper fruits and vegetables and whole foods you were made to eat.  now a little meat here and there is not bad for you, but eating it the way us Americans do, as the main meal, now that is not good for you, and neither is consuming so much dairy products like we do.  Eating processed foods is what you want to eat if you want to get fat or be's crap.  Not too mention that if you happen to eat a little bit of meat every once in a while it would be better to have it from an animal that has been treated properly and has been feed the food that it was meant to eat.  Cows should eat corn and grain, they should be eating grass...yet when you buy beef at the store it is from poorly feed cows which in turn means you are eating meat that while not be good for you because the animal was feed wrong. 

I don't usually think of it that way all the time when it comes to eating because I'm hungry and I eat, but anymore I just don't think that I can stand to eat it when I know all that I know about what I am eating. 

When God made creation and made us, we were not to eat any meat, even after the Fall we could not eat meat, until after the flood.  He knew what He was doing when he made us, He knows what is good for us and what is not, but of course we never listen.  If you go and read the Bible, were there are instructions to the Jews and how they needed to live in order to be clean (which would be the boring and longer books at the beginning of the Bible, of course) He listed the foods they were to eat and not eat, and you were not to eat Pork...and I can't imagine why (yeah, sarcasm here).

In the documentary stated at the beginning, there was several years of research done that showed consistently that when 20% of meat was being consumed the rate for cancer went up, but then it was only 5% the rate when down and reversed.  And actually that makes a lot of sense.  Back in the olden days, lets say over a hundred years ago when meat was not eaten as it is now, cancer was not that big of an issue, unlike now when we eat more meat than ever and cancer is the highest it's ever been. 

Not to mention, why do we drink milk that is from another animal and is made ONLY for that animal and NOT for us?  It doesn't make any sense when you think about it.  And it makes me sick to think that they wait till the cow is old enough to mate and they then keep them pregnant for four to five years and they never see the light of day again and never get to go out side again.

So, I don't think I will stop having meat all together, but if I eat it, it must come from a farm that treats it's animals properly and feeds them right, and it will only be every so often.  Also, fish it good for you to some point, such as fish oil.  I'm sensitive to dairy so that really won't be that hard to stop having, I'm sure I'll feel so much better in the end.  And a diet of whole foods and freshly grown foods is so much healthier and better for you, so why not eat good.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Monthly Poll: Hair Colors


I absolutely love different colored hair, it's just so beautiful and fun.  I so miss my red hair and one of these days when I have some money I am going to dye it again.  The above picture I found on pinterest and every time I see it I wish mine was like that, such a pretty red!

There was a time when dying your hair meant that you were a freak, but now a days it seems that it's pretty mainstream, or at least much more accepted by most people (so I have noticed). 

What's your favorite hair color?

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Naturally Colored Hair
  • Red

This is all for now as I am off shortly to dinner and a movie and need to finish getting ready and whatnot.


Friday, June 1, 2012

My 100th Post and DIY Projects for April & May

I'm terribly lazy at times and it happened to be one of those times all this week and last week, and I wanted to post this yesterday, on the last day on May...but here we are, in June.  So happy first day of June!

Anyways, this is some of the DIY projects that I have done over the last couple of months that I wanted to share with you all.  I had fun doing these too.  Also to mention that so far I have done 100 posts, this being post 100.

I didn't do any before or after pictures, just the after part...

This was just a plain black bag that I used for school books and such.

This green shirt below with the safety pins  I did in May with my fabric paint.  For both the bag and the shirt I used the fabric paint, except I used only silver on the shirt and not white.  This tip on the bottle makes it quite easy to "draw" on the material if you're doing something like writing or doing say, safety pins.

 The vest above originally had poofy sleeves that while, I did like them, they just didn't fee like something that I would actually wear so I cut them off which is the result of what you see and I quite like it this was.  :)

You would not believe how hard it was to find black gloves.  And then when I did find them (a whole rake) I kept forgetting to buy a pair...  But I finally did and cut the tops of and I love them!

 These were my plain black skinny jeans that I love so much, mostly because they actually fit me like skinnies.  I can't believe how hard it can be to find skinnies that actually fit my legs and aren't like straight jeans instead.  This is the only pair I have found and honestly I was a little scared to do anything to them but they were getting this and faded and summer was coming.  So I took the scissors to them and some safety pins.

So I was at Hot Topic about a month ago *gasp* and while looking through the store I saw black skinny jeans with rips and safety pins, the idea I had for mind, and they were like $50 I think.  It only cost me like half that to do mind.  $2 for a pack of safety pins, $20 for the jeans, and who doesn't have scissors.  Why buy a pair like that if you can make them?

Okay so the last two here are not DIY projects, but they are some great finds that I bought while shopping with my two best friends a few days after my birthday.  I found this cardigan for $10 at a second hand shop called Runway Fashion Exchange.  

And, yes, from Hot Topic I got this bow for only $2.95 (I believe) on clearance and it was exactly what I was looking for, for my hair.

 This is it for my 100th post on my only blog.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Summer's Reading List

For this summer I have come up with a to do list that is all books that I want to read or would like to.  I like to spend my summer's reading when I have nothing else to do because it keeps me entertained and I love to read a good book, but also because I have lots of free time on my hands (or at least that's how things used to be...).  I know I won't be able to get ALL of them read in two or three months of summer break but I sure am going to try!

I'm a slow reader, I'm not one of you people who can read a 700-800 page book in a day or two, that would take me at least a couple of weeks or more.  That is one of the reasons why I might not be able to get them all read, but I am sure going to try.

My Summer Reading List: 
(These are not necessarily in the order I am going to read them.)

  •  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
  • The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 
  • The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton
  • 1984 by George Orwell 
  • The Harry Potter series (books 3-7) by J. K. Rowling
  • Sense & Sensibility and Emma by Jane Austin
  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The Blue Girl by Charles DeLint
  • Sweetblood by Pete Hautman 
  • The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis
  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson 
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • The Shack by Wm. Paul Young


P.S. If there are any suggestions you would like to share just let me know; even though I probably won't get them all read.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Not Goth Enough

At the moment I am listening to Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, and one of the best songs I've heard.  I forgot about this song until last night we (my mom and siblings) were watching some of the 100 greatest songs of the 90's.  Listening to a lot of those songs that I know so well because I am a 90's baby and I grew up with these songs on the radio.

In fact, as of late, I really haven't been listening to a lot of any Gothy bands and songs, that I still do love, because I just don't have the "crave" to listen to them, I don't really want to.  I've been listening to a lot more of good old rock from The Beatles, and listening to the music I always do (like on the Christian rock radio stations, Christian rock, etc, and some mainstream), I've even had a thing for, yes, What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction (the so called next British invasion).  And then there are the songs like the Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, and a lot more that I really haven't listened to in quite some time.  Now this isn't to say that none of the bands I am still listening to aren't dark, Red does have a dark side, and I love me some heavy rock.  But can you really part with songs you listened to for so long?  Like for me it's the songs from the 90's and the first six years of the 2000's, and I enjoy listening to them.

My style of dress is much the same, but instead of looking to tone up my wardrobe, I'm just staying where I am.  My favorite outfit is dressing in some black skinny jeans, Converse,and good old black shirt, with my accessories, sometimes no accessories.  Nothing wrong with that but let's just say, most people who are in fact so not goth, they don't see me as such, not really.  My hair is a natural brown, and I have not piercings but on my ears.  I'm more alternative looking than goth.  I've been called emo more than goth even.  My I like it simple and even casual, with a little something here and there.  I always admire all the beautiful outfits I see here on blogger from some lovely gothy bloggers and such, so whilst I love goth fashion, punk fashion, and so on, I'm still not going to dress it up like that.

Is there anything wrong with any of that?  That I'm not "Goth enough".  No of course not, that would be silly, I'm just being myself.  

I looked at the poll I put up and noticed that most of you have put that Goth, etc, is a part of who you are.  And like I said, that is a part of my as well.  So no matter how I am dressing or what music I am listening to most, there is some of it in me.  Just like the what it says under the title of this blog...a Christian misfit with a dark side and a hint of goth. 

Listening to: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls


Monday, May 7, 2012

What Does Goth (Or Any Other Alt. Culture) Mean to You?

So I decided to do a poll and I'm thinking I might do one every month and see what you guys all have to say about stuff.  This one is about what Goth or any other alternative subculture means for you, a subject which is interesting to me.

Google Images

The answers to choose from are:
  • It's a lifestyle for you.
  • It's a fashion and music taste for you.
  • It's a part of who I am.
  • It's just a label and doesn't matter.

For me it's not a "lifestyle" because I see a lifestyle as a way of living, and Goth for me is not a way I live my life is more of a part of who I am and what makes me, me.  But in the end I'm not really a label kind of person, although I do refer to myself as goth sometimes (mostly only on here as that never really comes up in my life).  So if someone thinks I am not or thinks I am that's up to them and I don't mind really.  But that is only my opinion as it's most basic.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Confidence And Peer Pressure

I have struggled with the whole confidence thing for a while, but peer pressure is only more recent, within say, the last few years of being a teen.  As of late though all of this has been rather troublesome to me and I think I have a ways to go before I'm done with this struggle because of who I am.

When I was younger I was talkative and everybody was my friend if they were not mean to me.  When I got to about eight or nine I really felt lonely for the first time.  I was always the kid who didn't dress like everyone else, which honestly I never even paid notice to.  I just dressed in what I liked, I didn't care if it was fitted or not, and if it was "girly" then forget it, I stayed away from that because that's just the way I have always been.  I always liked making new friends and as I got older I noticed it wasn't as easy and some how I always felt different from everyone else.

I was about ten or eleven when I sort of lost confidence and just thought that people didn't like me, even though my mother always told me it was there loss not mine and it was them not me.  She was right but I just didn't realize it till I got older.  I will still never know to this day why other kids were like that to me or anyone else, but now I just don't think about it because it is an unanswerable question.  I would have my moments though when none of that could bother me because I knew who I was and no one was going to change that.

I have always been the one left behind or the one no one pays any attention to, you could even say it's like I don't exist sometimes.  I am invisible and always have been, it seems, and as much as that gets to me sometimes I have learned to not let it even though I have my down fall moments (don't we all?).  I usually don't have many friends, just a few really good ones (no complaints there!) and  have a few just friends or acquaintances.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about all that stuff, there is no need for that and it would be rather selfish.  I am not different really than anyone else, and yet we are all different.  Everyone struggles with some of this in different ways.  And I think we all have to deal with peer pressure because it is just natural to want to belong, it's who we are.  But the trick is not caring about it and living life to the fullest, because really, why bother caring about other peoples' issues when it has nothing to do with you.  What other people think really has nothing to do with you because it is their problem and they are accountable to God when all is said and done.

People pleasing is a sin that I am guilty of, like many of us.  And if pleasing others makes you do something you know is wrong, or makes you look in the mirror and want to look away, then you know it's wrong in itself.  When I look at who I am I want to feel proud that I am who I am.  And when I say pleasing others is a sin I mean it literally is a sin, because we are supposed to have fear of God not of people.

There have been times that sad to say where I have toned myself down in how I dress and where I got to the point of feeling bad about myself because I am quiet and am not as talkative as I used to be as a child.  But I'm a so done with that.  I am imperfect and I like it that way.  Why am I writing this now?  Because I finally hit rock bottom for the (hopefully) last time of thinking like that.  I go through spurts, some longer than other, and recently I have been struggling a lot fighting with myself because I know better.  So even if I am the one no one pays attention to, at the end of it all I am still me and can put a smile on my face and hold my head up high.  I couldn't do that with out Him.

Listening to: the Beatles - Revolution


Friday, April 20, 2012

A Word on Literature and Worldview

In my American Literature studies for school I have learned a lot on different worldviews and how authors worldviews affect their works, and it's really quite interesting and gives me a better appreciation and understanding of many works and the people who wrote them.  Right now the focus is coming to the time period that I love so much, the 1800's.

A picture of Washington Irving
Wikipedia Image

The Romantic movement started in the early 1800's and it emphasized the emotional, the colorful, and the imaginative.  Romanticism and the American version Transcendentalism is a worldview in which the belief is that man is basically good and as Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, one should put their faith "in man" and not "in Christ" because man was godlike.  This worldview also put an emphasis on Nature as a god and if man came closer to "Nature" than he would become a better person.

People who were apart of the Romantic literature movement were people such as Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and William Cullen Bryant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and many more.

Edgar Allan Poe, one of the best.

Wikipedia Image  

There were many writers and poets who embraced this idea that man was inherently good and sinless and the idea of Nature.  For instance, William Cullen Bryant's poem "Thanatopsis" (which is Greek for "view of death"), you see a great deal of this idea and noted that death was simply a natural part of life.  Another example is in Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself"  in which he expressed this belief and his own:
 "I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good
belongs to you."

However, there were the exceptions, such as Nathaniel Hawthorne (a Theistic who's famous novel The Scarlet Letter was a Romantic novel with a Theistic Christian worldview), and Edgar Allan Poe, who was the best poet and short story writer in the history of American literature, who rejected the idea of man being good.  Instead both Hawthorn and Poe brought out the sinful nature of man, and especially Poe who delved into the deeper and darker of man, like in his "The Tell-Tale Heart" or "The Raven".  There is an example from a poem of Poe's that I would like to share, it is the last stanza in "The Conqueror Worm" :
Out - out are the lights - out all!
And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
Comes down with the rush of a storm,
And the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy "Man,"
And its hero the Conqueror Worm.

 One of my childhood favorites that came from the Romantic movement of literature was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (pictured below), whose poems were in my English book for third grade.  

Wikipedia Image
I love learning a reading about these authors, and on the plus side I get to do it for school.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Color Wheel

Google Images
That is a very fancy looking color wheel I think, that's why I liked it I guess.

But anyways, this is sort of a silly little post I wanted to do about how the different colors make me feel and how I see them as, and honestly I love color, that's why I love do paint and use colored pencils for my artwork.

Gray - It seems sad, sort of depressed, and stormy

White - Blinding, pure, and almost rather mysterious

Black - This color is comforting to me, and darkly beautiful

Blue - I feel calming, and it's rather soothing depending on the shade.

Green - This color is full of life; a feeling of energy

Yellow - Super bright and extremely happy

Purple (Violet) - This color makes me feel peaceful and happy; joyful

Red - I feel warm and safe

Pink - I think of bubble gum; this color seems sweet and lively

Orange - Isn't this a fruit?  It's Halloween!


Monday, April 2, 2012

The Problem with Religion

I have stated before my thought, which is not unique, about how I see religion.  Religion is rules and regulations, keeping you in chains and under a heavy burden that is ridiculous.  That is why I am against religion and don't believe in it.  I am not a religious person, never was and never will be, and neither was Jesus.

There is a misconception that to be a Christian you must be religious, but that is not the case, in fact one could say that they are two separate things.  And to me, they very well can be in many cases. 

I don't know about you but I certainly don't want to be following some religion telling me what I can and can't do.  If you set up wall I will fall over them, and if you keep me from living a life full of Joy I will always be looking for something else to satisfy me.

Now, when it comes to my faith, my Love, and my belief in God, I get none of the above.  No one is telling me what to do, or how to live, or setting up wall to block me in.  I get the choice to do what I know is right and I do it because I fear my God.  I get to be able to live a life to the fullest with Joy because I chose to be with the One that I Love and Who Loves me more and died for me.  It's okay if I screw up and fall down and take the wrong path to sin, because I can simply ask to be forgiven and ask to be lead back to where I need to me.  That's what it's all about.

Also, the Bible is not rule book, it's a Guide Book, and Instruction Manuel to help us on our journey through life.

I don't know if you've seen this video, but I suggest you watch it because this guy did a fantastic job.  Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.

Nuff said.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Random Black on Black Outfit Post

I decided to do an outfit post today, rare I know.  I also wanted to show off a black shirt that I that I bought and painted a skull on for a DIY project. 

And here it is...I think it turned out pretty good.

Black shirt with painted skull: Michael's for $5 (if you want to DIY a shirt, I would go there)
Black blouse: from JCPenny's on sale for $10 (??? I think)
Black skinny jeans: Kohls for $20
Converse: for my birthday last year.
Black chain and cross necklace: Vanity Clothing for $7
Silver key necklace: a gift from my grandma.

By the way, when I went to see The Hunger Games last Saturday with my best friend, I got some Death Mints at Candy Town.  I'm not a mint person but they are really good and not very minty.

Listening to: Nine Lashes - Get Back  (my favorite alternative rock band)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The [Dark] Sunshine Award

The [Dark] Sunshine Award

This award was given to me by two lovely bloggers: Celeste @ FadeToBlack and Snowhyte @ My Spot in the Spectrum .
Thanks you both so much for this! 

Thee Rules...

  1. Post the picture above with a backlink to the people who gave you the award.
  2. Answer the ten question which were posted to you.
  3. Then pass on the award to 10 or more bloggers.

Thee Questions...

  • Favorite color: Violet (or we could say purple too), blue and green.
  • Favorite animal: I love both cats and dogs.
  • Favorite number: I have no idea really.  I guess whatever age I am.
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Well...besides water I would have to say Root beer or chi tea.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook.
  • My passion: Writing stories, reading, art, and being outside. (I know it's a lot but mostly it's the first one.)
  • Getting or giving presents: I'd say more so giving presents to people who I really care about.
  • Favorite pattern: Stripes or odd wacky patterns.
  • Favorite day of the week: it depends. Sometimes it's Wednesday, or Friday, or Saturday. 
  • Favorite flower: I have always had a thing for Tulips.

 Who I nominated...

TheHalloweenLadybug @ The Halloween Ladybug 
Tenebris In Lux @ Never-Ending: Playlist Of A Psycho
Goth Pocket @ GothPocket

And the others I would have done I see have already gotten thee award so I won't "re-award" them, and I couldn't think of who else to do who hasn't.