Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Black?

This is a short post. 
Now there are many things that people don't get about goth, after all there are many steryotypes.  And even more don't get how you can be Christian and goth.  But there are questions like why do you wear black that I will attempt to answer acording to ChristianGoth.  And there is only a few, not all of them.

Why the color black?
One of the things that black symbolises is death, that is why it is worn at funerals, and why widows, like Queen Victoria, wore black for the time of morning their dead husbands.  Black goes along with morning.  Jesus died on the cross, there's death so there is morning.  We all as Christians morn his death and await his return.  And time and time again in the Bible God illustrates the relationship between Him and the Church (us as Christians) as a Bride (the Church) and Groom (Jesus).  And sin is also dirty, or blackened, we are all sinners, only by Grace are we saved.  And that is were white comes in. . .

Why graveyards?
Well, back when Christianity was farely new and were being persecuted by the Romans the hide in catacombs, which was where the dead were buried.  And throughout history a graveyard was a place of refuge.  Not too mention are graveyards peaceful and relaxing, and usually have lots of trees and green grass.  So when being in a sence persecuted by the world what better place to go besides church (and some have their own graveyard).

Why the night?
The night is absolutely beautiful.  The stars are out and the moon, God did make the stars and moon to serve the earth, why not night?  It's quiet at night, peaceful. 

Why the obsession with death?
Obessed with death?  Why I had no clue!  Okay well, death is a cause of sin in the world and sin is death of our souls.  When Jesus died we died with him, but when he rose again we rose with him, he gives life, yet we still walk with death all around us because there is sin all around us.  You must accept death as a part of what you must go through. but only death of the body, your soul once saved goes to Heaven to life forever.  (For more on this subject you can check out this link.)

Why the darkness?
There is both darkness and light, we walk in a dark and dying world.  It is not something one can escape so easily, it's everywhere.  And what you learn in the darkness you share in the Light.  Sometimes if not all of the time those dark times we go through teach us something that we only then see once it has passed.  You can't escape the darkness so easily.  And there is need to find the beauty in it, after all Jesus had to have seen something beautiful in the dark world he was born into to show us such Grace.  And if not then He was the one who grave us beauty in the darkness.
Angel of Darkness

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here's Some News

I don't think I will be on here much because I am so busy lately but might return next week at some time.  I just didn't want to leave anyone hanging.  And who knows, sometime here soon I might do something a little different than usual, like a book review. . .  But I do hope everyone has a great week!  Mine has been too stressful.

Angel of Darkness

Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Excerpt From My Story, Enjoy. . .

So this is a bit scary for me putting this out here in the open like this.  This is almost like writing something from my journal on here, or more so.  It needs work, I know it has to, and I don't mind at all constructive criticism.  But this is an excerpt from the story I have been working on for three years. 
Pure fiction.  It's about a brother and sister and their friends and the journey through life that they go through together, and the light and the dark of life its self, finding who they are.  I'm not great with names and it's just a first: Matthew & Elizabeth James.

This part takes place in May of 2008 and Matthew James is fifteen years old and is currently living with his mother, stepfather, sister and two step siblings.  (Okay, I can do this!)
Enjoy. . .

It was perfect weather, no wind, no heat, no cold, only a few clouds in the sky.  The air smelled fresh with spring, the sent of newly mown grass, tree leaves and flowers and almost a sent of the smell after a rain fall.  The sky was turning sapphire with orange and pink in the west as the sun slowly began to fade away. 
   Matthew had been at Ned's house and was gradually making his way home, dreading every step, not wanting to find what might be waiting for him when he got there.  He as standing in front of the house now and suddenly felt the urge to leave again, then looked over and saw that no one was at the little park across the street.  So turning away from that house he walked over to the park and sat down on a swing.  He sat facing the street but his eyes were looking out at the sunset tot he left.  He began messing with his tie, feeling it in his fingers.  It felt smooth and soft, silky, against his dry finger tips.
   The world felt at peace all around him; quiet and gentle, welcoming.  It was everything he was not.  Inside he felt like a war was going on, it was loud and anything but gentle, in fact he was sure it was fear and he wanted desperately to get away from it.  His eyes felt heavy.  He hadn't slept well last night or the night before that, in fact it had been at least two weeks since he actually slept. 
   He was looking down at his hands now as they felt the end of the tie; his hands were pale against the black fabric.  He thought of his father then, he was on his mind a lot now a days.  Maybe his father didn't approve of the fact that he dressed like he was depressed or going to a funeral, as his father put it, but never had he hit him or cussed at him, or about him; and Matthew could stand his stepmother, Harmony.  But now Richard, he was not something Matthew could stand.  Richard would cuss at him and call him names, but hitting. . . in Matthew's book once was too far, his stepfather had hit him three times, the first had been a wack in the jaw for not liking what Richard had called him.  That bothered Matthew that he hadn't told his father the first time, it just hadn't come to mind; and also, it bother him that he just let Richard treat him like that without doing anything about it, he just let himself take it!
   The sun only showed one single ray of light now, the sky was darkening and stars were appearing, filling the sky with spots of twinkling light.  A very light, fresh breeze blew now, gentling pulling Matthew's red brown hair toward the northeast.  He looked around him at the world his mind now came back to. 
   As he licked his dry bottom lip his piecring was cold at his tongue.  Thoughts raced through his mind and without realizing he was imagining a scene before him of what he was feeling inside.  He was standing in darkness, not able to see more than a foot in front of him.  Above were the twisted top branches of black trees that seemed as if they were caving toward him in deadly claws.  The sky was a very dark and deep violet blue shade sprinkled with faint glowing specks of stars and  a full white moon that glowed crimson.  The one thing that he hated the most was how utterly alone he was.  What he imagined was exactly like he felt.  He shook the image away, but couldn't get ride of that scared feeling inside him that ached, and the feeling of being trapped.  
   Matthew stared into he ever darkening, now indigo, sky; he then thought of Elizabeth, his shy little sister.  He couldn't let himself think of how scared he was, and maybe he really wasn't alone after all; he had her and he needed to be there for her and be strong for her sake.  The one thing that he just couldn't do was be scared and push her away, he needed to be there for her.

I really do hope that you enjoyed this bit of my story.

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Angel of Darkness
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Random I Know

Yeah, this is a post that has to do with nothing really except a picture that is of my awesome and crazy cat Mittens! 

Isn't he cute!  But then here he is in one of his weird moods. . .

In the pictures I really think he looks the a devil cat.  But he's my devil cat (and let me tell you he is sometimes!).

And yes, I dearly love my cat.  No I am not a nutcase if you were about to go there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Satan Is The Father Of Lies

Lucifer was an angel who was very close to God and was His as close to a favorite as God has ever had you could say.  He wanted to know God's secrets and take over for Him but that could never happen.  God saw his heart.  Lucifer became jealous of the human race; hates us because God loves us so much that His only Son died for our sins painfully on the cross.  In the Garden of Eden Lucifer became a snake and tricked Adam and Eve to eat the Tree of Life out of jealousy and to try beat God by then letting sin into the world.  Some believe that Lucifer, known as Satan to us, fell or was thrown out of heaven when Jesus died on the cross.  He wasn't alone either, he had fellow angels with him who turned their backs on God.  Those angels are called demons.  From the ugly nature of their now corrupt hearts they no longer look like beautiful majestic angels but freakish and horrid looking creatures.  He still thinks he can win this battle between good and evil, but that's because he can't see what God sees, and what we know from the book of Revelation, Jesus won!  Satan still thinks he has a chance.  He hates you with every thing in him.

That image you get of him in a red suite, horns and holding a fort is not how he looks at all, it is far from how he really looks.  He is a fallen angel sent to the pits of Hell!  He can disguise himself as he did in the Garden.  He may appear as the most attractive thing you have ever laid eyes on. 

The greatest lie that he has ever told is that he doesn't exist.

That was only telling you a bit about him to get started.
At night he whispers in your ear making you recall all those horrid things that you did in your past.  The past coming back to haunt you in the cold and dark of the beautiful night.  He tells you that you deserve more than you have, you deserve to be saved.  He tonts you with thoughts and images of things you want to forget, things that you know you should see or imagine, things that make you feel so sick inside, hollow.

The people look at him and say, "That man is powerful!"  No, no he isn't.  That's one of his lies and tricks that he plays on the unexpecting.  He is dressed a fine silk and satin, an expensive suite and shoes.  From where you stand he looks like a gentleman, like a guys you want to know who is rich and who has done nothing wrong.  People almost seem to walk right into his hands.  But never does he show his true self to you, you must find it out for yourself.  He won't appear evil. 

But if you believe that he doesn't exist and walk with this world doing all the wrong and sin you want then he and his demons leave you alone to do it.  Only those who try to do good or know he is there does he and his demons seek after to turn you away.  He wants your heart only to kill it!  To take you away from God. 

This place we call earth is not evil nor the things on it for God declared it tpo be good.  But after the fall of man into sin it became Satan's playground and you his toys.  He wants to devour you.  Like a lion waiting for his prey, for you to stray from the group.  His eyes are like black hollow pits staring back at you making the sweat running down you forehead making you feel cold and lifeless, when at first you thought you saw a soul in those eyes, that soul is gone from your sight. 

Death waits for you just around the corner, the other side of that wall, waiting to swallow you whole into either Heaven or the blackest pits of Hell.  Hell is not just some place at the center of the earth that's all fire and rock.  It's so far away from God that no light ever shines, no one has a soul anymore, people down there become not humans at all for humans have souls.  You will be in forever torment always.  And in the end Satan will be thrown into the bottomless pit and the door shall be locked so that he can never get out. 

The greatest lie that Satan ever told was that he doesn't exist.

Angel of Darkness
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Doubt and Faith

There it is, like walking into the blackest and dimmest room after being in the bright sun of the day.  It blinds you, you can't see past you in such dimness. 
It makes you feel hollow inside and worthless.  It eats away at you from the inside out like a nasty parasite.  It whispers in your ear in a harsh tone and it never leaves you, it's always there.  No person can escape it's grasp that is so tight around your soul.  It leads to fear, suicide and depression, hate and dread.  It stares you in the face with those glowing yellow eyes. . . It's name is Doubt.

This is like a door opening to a world of possibilities before your very eyes.  It's like walking into the warm sunshine from being in a freezing cold place.  It fills you with joy, hope, confidence, love and opens your heart up.  It's like a warm autumn breeze blowing the leaves from the trees on a beautiful autumn day.  It lifts you up on wings like eagles!  You look on life in a new light. . . It's name is Faith.

Doubt sees the obstacles,
Faith sees the way;
Doubt sees the blackest night,
Faith sees the day;
Doubt dreads to take a step,
Faith soars on high;
Doubt questions, "Who believes?"
Faith answers, "I!"

Angel of Darkness

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sorry About The Link!

I made a mistake when typing in the link for the Effect radio station so sorry.  It's fixed now!  By the way, the Effect is a modern Christian rock station that plays the bands: Red, Skillet, The Becoming, Children 18:3, Showbread, Demon Hunter and Nine Lashes which are band that I have mentioned on an earlier post about C.G. and C.G. Friendly music.  This redio station plays I think over a hundred bands and plays heavy metal and rock on Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm to mid-night, worship music is played on Sunday mornings till noon or just before.  And they play all kinds of different bands with a wide rang of music differences.

Listening to the Effect right now in fact.  Song playing: "O What I Have, Let It Be Enough" by Sleep For Sleepers.

Christians, Tattoos and Piercings

Now there have always been talk about whether or not a Christian should get piercings or tattoos and of course everyone has a right to his or her own view on this.  And I have mine.

Leviticus 19: 28 says this about it: "Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos.  I am the Lord."

When you read this you might see it as God saying that, ya, you cannot have tattoos or piercings (even though it says nothing about piercings specifically, it does count).  But I'm just assuming here that no one really wants to cut themselves, willingly, right?

But here it is, you need to look at the whole of the book.  You see the Jews were just getting settled in the promised land and the pagan nations around them marked their skin with tattoos and piercings (cutting the skin to put something in it basically).  They did this for their worship and ritual reasons and God did not want His people to be like that since they were supposed to be unlike the other nations around them, and plus it's not like the His people actually listened to Him much, but anyways.  That is why God says this.

But let's look at now.  Of course God isn't going to change is mind about these things but it all has to do with what's going on in the world around you and the reasons for you choices.  If your fourteen, under the legal age for getting piercings without parental consent (here in the U.S. anyway) and you go and get say a lip ring on your own then ya, that's not acceptable if your Christian.  But if your an adult or have parental consent and get a tattoo or piercing in the sense that you are honoring God then go for it!  It's all about the reasons for doing these things.  Like me for example.  I want a lip ring and nose ring and am fifteen, but my parents said not till I am an adult.  So I am honoring God by obeying them as He told me to and will wait till I am older and then make sure I am doing it for the right reasons in honoring God.  So ya a Christian can have piercings and tattoos I think.  In fact I know a youth group leader for middle schoolers at my church who is almost covered in tattoos and has a few piercings and nothing about it is dishonoring to God.

Also on youtube I had been checking out some videos and, I can't remember who this was, but it was a video of this girl talking about comments she had gotten for previous video posts.  One was this guy telling her (I think her name on youtube was darkfairy or something. . .) that she shouldn't get a tattoo because our bodies are temples that God dwels in and why would she want to ruin it.  Yes our bodies are temples that God does dwel in but as she respond many people see tattoos as art and if her body is a temple then she should be able to decorate it with art work.  I have to say that I agree with that.  Piercings and tattoos are a form of art work to the body and like I said, if it's honoring God than there isn't anything wrong with that I don't think.

And plus now a days these things are getting to be pretty common and people don't do it for the same reasons they did back in the times of when the Jews lived in the promised land.

Angel of Darkness

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dark Road I Walk

Okay I'm back!  And I would just like to write something that is not a short story, since I suck at those, but a little something else. . .

The Dark Road I Walk
(I am not too great with titles so I made it up just now)

There is darkness all around and I can't see two feet in front of me.  On either side there is a thick forest of trees whose black branches creep across the sky like claws and in the shadows are their eyes watching me, my every move. 
   The night sky is violet above with stars shining like diamonds and there's a moon, big and silver but glowing a crimson red.  The air is cool and crisp, a wind blows through the branches but I cannot feel a thing.
   The road, it's uneven and twists and turns so that I am not able to know where I am going.  At every move I make I must watch my step so that their claws cannot catch me and pull me under, for they watch so intensely that I cannot closely escape them.  It's so long and tiresome and my feet are weary but I must not give up!  For far off in the distance is a dull faint like that is ever growing closer the further along I tread.  Alone.  It's very dark and alone, this road that is so far off from my home.  And yet there is a peace to this place that I cannot describe.  Darkness may surround me but never take me for I am not with out a light.  In this present darkness I hold a candle that shines forever bright, just enough to light my way that I may see a few feet in front of me. 
  Up in the night sky a creature with wings like bats and a head like a crow with eyes that glow deep red flies just above my head.  When it opened its beak a sound came out that sounded of a woman screaming.  After it passed more just like it flew by high in the sky making shape across the moon.  But then I thought I saw and angel!  Or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.
  But I keep on moving and looking straight ahead not knowing what is to come, but this is the road that I walk till I find the light at the end. 

I wrote this awhile back and came across it the other day.  I was not depressed while writing this but in a very good mood and I can't remember what song I was listening to.  But I hope you liked it at least somewhat.  

Angel of Darkness