Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finding Your Goth Style

Yep, life gets crazy.  I've been so busy, but not anything fun too much, which needs to be fixed some how... But here is my new blog post that I have been working on writing here lately when I have the time.

So, there are many different fashion styles within the Gothic subculture, and if you're like me it can be tricky finding one, or even some, that fit you and that you like the best.  I know that I like many different styles for there aesthetic but would probably never wear the actual style because it just doesn't fit me, personally.  And of course you don't just have to pick a style and stick to it, and there are no rules saying that you can't mix and match.

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The point is to express yourself the way that you want to, but that's not always easy, for anyone, because you either don't quite know how you want to do that or you are afraid to. 

The best thing to do first is look at all your options, you know, like all of the styles out there that appeal to you best.  Keep all of them in mind and pick out what you like best about the styles you choose, and maybe you just liked it because it looked nice and don't have a specific part you like most about it, that's fine too.

When you go out looking for cloths to add to your wardrobe don't limit yourself, like thinking you can only get it if it's black.  And not every goth fashion has black, sometimes it's just a little bit, even no black, like Steampunk for example.  You have to ask what colors you like best to wear, like maybe your favorite color(s), unless you like any color.  For me black is the one color I feel most comfortable in and could so wear all black almost all of the time, almost.  I like my purple, blue, red, and green whether it be just a touch or almost the main color (usually just an accent of color).

Then you need to know what kind of clothes you like to wear best, and don't like to wear, because I've learned from experience that if you buy something you better be sure you really like it and will wear it, regardless of how cute or cool it looks.  Is it really you?  Like a dress, if you never wear dresses and don't like them, don't get one unless you can stand wearing it more than once and more than only part of the day before you have to take it off (yeah, that would be me).  I prefer pants and sometimes a skirt, if it's the right one.  The same thing goes for when you're picking out a coat/jacket.  Do you like a hoodie or a Victorian style trench coat? 
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And remember, what looks good on someone else may not look the same on you, or give you that same look.  Or it may look good on you but you don't like it so much when it's on you.  Experiment with it, have fun. 

,Also, look at the accessories, pendants, and it doesn't just have to be skulls and crosses/crucifixes, they can be anything.  Along side skulls and crucifixes, other more common ones would be bats, spiders, and spider webs, but it could even be butterflies, dragonflies, bird cages, hearts, keys, etc. 

Remember, you don't fit into goth, it fits onto you.  You make it look the was you want. 

And one of TBM's awesome songs that is stuck in my head, Forever.

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P.S. I won't be away so long next time. ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Life Gets Crazy

I'm so so sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I just get so distracted with life sometimes, as we all do now and again.  I also have a tendency to worry too much which mind you doesn't help!  I've been doing a lot of writing and school, so much school.  But I will be back here real soon, and I see I have a lot of reading to do, having missed so many posts from my fellow bloggers.  I've missed you all!

This is my newest creation.  I love drawing these cartoons, or creations as I call them, because it's fun and simple.  :) 

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dark Journey Called Life

Call it what you will, but life is not party, it's not fair, it's hard, but we all have to go through it and make the most of it.  You can tell a lot about a person because of their worldview and how they see life.  I am going to talk about the latter. 

Everyone has their own way that they look at life.  The ones that I hear the most are: life is like a roller coaster, life is a party, life is a journey, and life sucks.  (Yes, I count that last one as one too.)  I have taken the life is a journey one for my post title, mainly because this is the one that is most like my own.

A while back, when my blog was new, I wrote a piece of work that I had done and thought I should share.  It is a glimpse of how I saw the journey of life, which I will discuss .  This is the blog post.

I see life as a road.  Its a long, twisting and winding road.  Sometimes you see a glimpse of the light, sometimes you only see darkness, other times the way is foggy.  I believe in the narrow path, or road less traveled, and the wide road, the road to destruction.  The narrow path is the one I walk.  Sometimes you have to pass through the mist of a storm that seems to never end, sometimes through a battle field, or a trench.  There are times when you walk along and the way is calm, other times the road twists and turns so sharply that you don't know where you are going till you've turned the corner, and you sometimes feel lost in the forest surrounding you, with creature hiding in the darkness waiting for you to get close enough to catch you.

At the end of this long road is that little ray of light that marks the end, and it is so easy to miss that you have pay very close attention.  The road is so rocky and with roots sticking out that you must watch your step and where you walk or you are most likely to trip and fall in the mud.  It's not easy, it's hard, sometimes it seems too hard to go any further that you can't possibly take another step. 

I have always imagined things to make sense of them myself, to see things in my own way.  This is one of them.  Simply saying life is like a journey just doesn't cut it for me, I had to see it my way.  Seeing it my way helps me better understand where it is I am and where it is that I am going.  This also goes hand in hand with my walk with God.

But I am curious, what is your way of looking at life?  How do you make sense of it all?

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

There is No Such Thing As Normal

Well, it's true, there's not.  The only normal that does exist is the normal that you are, and what I mean by that is that we all have "the way we normally are" and when we start to act out of that is when we are not being our normal selves, how we usually are.  If that made sense.  There is no "normal" like society has in its head that everyone is, or should, be a certain way, and that's just not the case. 

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So like I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with being you but we all fear rejection and that can sometimes hold us back.  Well, think of this for a moment: God, who created everything you see around you, the air you breathe, the sunlight, well He also created you.  And so if He created you, then is it not a sin to not be who He made you to be.  He laid out everything about you, He knew it all before you were even thought of, so  by being you, you honor Him, right?  There is a Bible verse, a Psalms, that I have in a page at the top of my blog, Psalm 139.  It says that God kit you together in the dark of the womb and that He has laid your life out, He being the author of your life.  Cool, right? 

Being you can't be so bad if that's the way you are made to be.  You like the dark and spooky?  Nothing wrong with that, because if it is natural to you and does not harm you then maybe that is just the way you were made to be, maybe that is your normal. 

One thing that bothers me is when I hear others who don't fit in with the mainstream put down those who, well, do (in a way), those who we consider "normal" people, like the preppy kids.  Just because you decided to be, say, Goth, and that others who are not treat you wrong does not mean you need to do the same and judge them wrongly, because after all if you never judge the minority for the majority, it works the other way around too.  Actually now that I brought it up, preppy kids never usually bother me any, like I always seem to hear.  In fact one of my best friends is a prep, and he is really nice, actually, they all are, (my preppy friends).

It's funny thinking back now on when I first "looked up" goth, I thought that those "normal" kids I hung around a bit would not like me anymore at all.  I found out later that that was not true, in fact being myself has gotten me some really great friends that I had never had before.  I didn't loose any friends either when I was a babybat and getting into goth, not for that reason anyways, but moving.  I seem to have made more friends this way, more than I have had in a long time which is more than two.  And none of them care how I dress or that my hair is red, in fact they like it. 

So babybats, and anyone else out there, just know that by being you, you may actually end up making some awesome friends, and maybe even some unexpected ones too.  Just be the normal you, not the "normal" that society thinks everyone should be, or is.  There is not such thing as normal.  And I can never fit it and never will.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pig Tails!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! 

I used to pull my hair up in all kinds of different ways, then I started keeping my hair short, and you really can't do that much when it's cut near your chin.  But my hair is getting longer again and I was finally able to put it up.  Being Halloween I decided to do something a little different with my hair.

I used to like to do pig tails when my hair was long.  I have known people to say that when you reach a certain age you should do pig tails anymore as they are too little girlish, but I think the right look and on the right person it's perfectly fine. 

My hair doesn't take very well to being teased being so thick and all, because it just falls right back down and looks like it never was teased.  I know this because I wanted to do it to my hair, so now I have a hairspray just waiting to be used, so why not use it.  So I teased my pig tails, plus it doesn't look little girlish this way, or at least I think so. 

By the way, my hair is turning strawberry blonde!  But that's okay, because it's fading much better than last time, and different too.  But I will definitely be doing this to my hair again.

And on another note, I never actually had this happen to me before but on Halloween night while my little sister was trick or treaty this lady , after giving my sister candy, turned to me and said, "Don't you want some too?  You're all dressed up!"  When in fact I was not dressed up for Halloween, just wearing my everyday wear.  My brother will never let me forget it either.  I did have a laugh over though.  :)

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