About The Author and Her Blog

This blog is about just what the description says: a blog about a Christian misfit with a dark side and a hint of goth.  So let me talk about that a little more.  To me a Christian is a misfit from the world because as a Christian you no longer belong in this place, and a Chrstian misfit is someone who doesn't fit in period.  Not with other Christians or the world.  That doesn't mean that my beliefs differ from other Christian, they don't, I just don't "fit in".  And about the whole "dark side and a hint of goth", I am into/interested in many dark and alternative subcultures, especially the gothic subculture.  However, I like to prefer to myself more as alternative and not strictly goth. 

So in this blog I talk about the gothic subculture and other dark and/or alternative ones, and anything within that rang that interests me.  I also talk quite a bit about my faith sometimes, after all it is a huge part of my life just as being alternative is and not "fitting in".  I also write about other things such as what inspires me and whatever I feel like writing about really.

So now that the following has been said I'm sure you can see why I call myself a Chrstian misfit, after all you are already one to the world when you go agianst the mainstream, but Christians are just people and they like the latest fashions, sports, etc.  And here I am into the alternative
 side of things.

(Note: This is a new page that has recently been put in August 17, 2012, so some of this may not be relevent for much earlier post back on 2010 and 2011.)