Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Black?

This is a short post. 
Now there are many things that people don't get about goth, after all there are many steryotypes.  And even more don't get how you can be Christian and goth.  But there are questions like why do you wear black that I will attempt to answer acording to ChristianGoth.  And there is only a few, not all of them.

Why the color black?
One of the things that black symbolises is death, that is why it is worn at funerals, and why widows, like Queen Victoria, wore black for the time of morning their dead husbands.  Black goes along with morning.  Jesus died on the cross, there's death so there is morning.  We all as Christians morn his death and await his return.  And time and time again in the Bible God illustrates the relationship between Him and the Church (us as Christians) as a Bride (the Church) and Groom (Jesus).  And sin is also dirty, or blackened, we are all sinners, only by Grace are we saved.  And that is were white comes in. . .

Why graveyards?
Well, back when Christianity was farely new and were being persecuted by the Romans the hide in catacombs, which was where the dead were buried.  And throughout history a graveyard was a place of refuge.  Not too mention are graveyards peaceful and relaxing, and usually have lots of trees and green grass.  So when being in a sence persecuted by the world what better place to go besides church (and some have their own graveyard).

Why the night?
The night is absolutely beautiful.  The stars are out and the moon, God did make the stars and moon to serve the earth, why not night?  It's quiet at night, peaceful. 

Why the obsession with death?
Obessed with death?  Why I had no clue!  Okay well, death is a cause of sin in the world and sin is death of our souls.  When Jesus died we died with him, but when he rose again we rose with him, he gives life, yet we still walk with death all around us because there is sin all around us.  You must accept death as a part of what you must go through. but only death of the body, your soul once saved goes to Heaven to life forever.  (For more on this subject you can check out this link.)

Why the darkness?
There is both darkness and light, we walk in a dark and dying world.  It is not something one can escape so easily, it's everywhere.  And what you learn in the darkness you share in the Light.  Sometimes if not all of the time those dark times we go through teach us something that we only then see once it has passed.  You can't escape the darkness so easily.  And there is need to find the beauty in it, after all Jesus had to have seen something beautiful in the dark world he was born into to show us such Grace.  And if not then He was the one who grave us beauty in the darkness.
Angel of Darkness

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Emily Lynn G. said...

Nice to meet a fellow subcultured Christian! what denomination are you, if at all?

Angel of Darkness said...

Emily Lynn G. - No demonination. And same here! Do you mind me asking what your blog address is?