Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Doc Martens!

I totally intended on posting last month, I have pictures and everything all planned out, but obviously that didn't work out.  Life is a mystery sometimes and to be honest some things came up and I wasn't up for posting anything at all till now since I kind of only have a half day of school today. 

But I do have a post for you all today, about my first pair of Doc Martens. 

I have never owned a pair before but I always wanted to.  So with the money I had from working long hours at the Fair this summer I went to Jouneys and bought this pair here.  And I am very excited about it because for the first time I bought, with my own money, a really nice pair of boots.  They cost me $140, the most I have ever spent on one buy or even in one month.  I never have that kind of money.

I have only worn them three times so far and on the back of each ankle I got a nasty blister from breaking them in.  But each time I wear them they get more comfortable, as is usual with boots.  I hope they last a long time, they appear like they will.

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OddGhoulOut said...

I remember when i bought mine, they were tough to walk in at first. Once I broke them in, they were great! I've had mine for about five years, and they're still going strong. I knew one lady who kept her Docs for almost 20 years before she got rid of them. :)

SaryWalrus said...

Yay! I'm always a fan of Docs. :3 Breaking them in is ridiculously painful though. :3