Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Future Challenge for Halloween

So, I was just sort of wondering what all of you thought about this because I would like it if I did this that you would join me too.  I want to do a Halloween challenge to cover either 31 days of October or a post for every week (5) starting Wednesday October 3rd and going to Halloween which is on Wednesday this year. 

I know it seems a bit cliche but I really don't care too much because no matter how old I get Halloween always brings me some childish joy, like Christmas still does.  And I don't like Halloween just because I like dark and spooky stuff, I like Halloween and I like dark and spooky stuff.  And I want to do a little something special for it, ya know? 

I have decided to do a poll for it, because I wanted to. 

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What do you think about a Halloween Challenge?

  • I like the idea.
  • I don't like it.
  • A 31 days challenge.
  • 5 week challenge.


Note: At this time I cannot set up the poll. It will be set up by the 27th of this month.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Things I Have Learned on Blogging

1. Be Yourself

Obviously this should be a given I suppose because what better way would there be than to be you?  If you are trying to be someone you are not then not many people are going to be interested in reading your blog.  People, including me, like to read about others and their experiences, ups and downs, and what others are interested in, especially if they are interested in it too.  And there is always that whole "so I'm not the only one!" thing too.

2. Write About Things You Love and Things Others Love Too

It's fun to write about things that you get excited about like maybe your favorite band, clothes, shoes, TV shows, books, etc.  It's a good place to start when you aren't sure what you want to actually write about.  Maybe you have a hobby or a passion for something that you could write about and share your joy with others, and they may even share in that joy as well.  I know I like to see other people collections of things they enjoy.  And if you know that there are many other people out there who love what you love then it's a good idea to write about because why wouldn't they want to read about something they love too.  Like I know that there are a lot of people and bloggers out there who like make-up, and so I see a lot of bloggers write about make-up tutorials and such because they love it and so do many of their readers.  So look around and see if you can find something to write about that you love as well as others.

3. Try to Write Consistently

I do this all the time and I try not to but sometimes I just have nothing to write about and that's okay.  But I know that one of my pet peeves is when the blogger suddenly just stops writing for a while.  Try to at least write something once or twice a month, unless of course you just have nothing to write then you can't help it.  But I think it does help to try to keep it up so it keeps you going.

4. Don't be Afraid of Saying What's on Your Mind (unless it shouldn't be said)

Maybe you need to get something off your chest or want to share something that you found interesting or feel needs to be shared, share it.  But always be aware that if it is a very controversial then if might be a good idea to stay away unless you make a point of letting the readers know that this is just how you feel about it and are not trying to offend anyone.  And you don't need to share what is too personal to you unless you want to.  Maybe what's on your mind is something you think no one will want to hear about, don't be afraid to hold back too much.  I have posted things before that I thought no one would care about and it turned out to be a good idea that I posted it.

5. Change Is Okay 

I have changed this blog a few times from what I wanted the title to be to the layout, to what I wanted this blog to be about or what I wanted to write.  Peoples interests change and so does their style and what they like to do, and their is nothing wrong with that.  For me, I have changed some since I was fifteen so what I originally started this blog for has changed.   And sometimes I just get bored of the look so why not change it up?  In fact that's what I just did recently, as you can see.  I changed up my blog a bit and I quite like it now.  So go for it.  But if you want to do something totally different, you can always make a new account just for that too.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where Have You Been?!

Jeez, I'm sorry I haven't posted in like a whole month, I guess summer just kind of got me and I can't believe it's August already!  What happened?  I'm only sad that the family and I  didn't get to go camping yet since there was the whole this with no fires and my dad golfing every weekend.  And hey, I got a job!  My first real job that is not working for my parents and I start Friday, working the Montana Fair.  I work concessions for the Metra, the place where there are concerts and the Fair and other things like that.  Sadly though I didn't get to put any art work in the fair this year because I missed the deadline.

The painting above is one the the pieces I was going to put into the fair for a scholarship.  It's acrylic paint, Burnt Sienna, and I did this at my art class back in March. 

And just because I thought this was cool, this is a picture from when I was at Super Summer, although it was outside the camp a ways up a mountain near by.  My friend Colton took me up there during my free time.
It's an old mining shaft.  Pretty cool right?

Also, there's been a lot of other crap going on in life lately with the family and with some of my friends so that is also part of why I haven't bothered to post because I just haven't felt like it.  But I have some ideas for posts and will probably get started in the next couple of days, or even today.