Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Halloween Challenge

Since I know I won't have ideas for all 31 days of October, I just decided it would be practical to do one for every week.  Plus, that way if you are like me and don't have time to post everyday, you can just choose a day out of your week to post.  I think I will post every Wednesday or Thursday...

So here are the weeks that lead up to Halloween:

Week One: What is your favorite things about Halloween? What are your thoughts on Halloween?

Week Two: What are some of your Halloween related cliches?

Week Three: What is one of your favorite Halloween costume? If you still like to dress up, what are you wearing this year?

Week Four: Make a spooky treat to eat.

Week Five: What are your plans for Halloween? Share some pictures of your spooky Halloween. (Like throughout your day or pictures of the party you are going to or something.)

It's just something that I thought would be a fun thing to do for the occasion.  I hope you all would like to join me in this, and don't for get to link to me if you do. ^-^


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Music of the Moment

I did a post like this before a while back, here.  And well, here is it again.

I am into a lot of different music genres and have a variety of music tastes, and I often go through "stages" where I will listen to a certain genre or song for sometimes a week and then suddenly flip around to a totally different one.  It all depends on the mood I'm in I suppose. 

Here are some of the songs that I have been "into" this month as it were, hope you enjoy!  Plus, I'm feeling rather lazy so a video post naturally sounds good to me.

1. Thousand Foot Krutch (one of my all time favorite bands) - Broken Wing  (Sorry it's kind of crappy, but it's the best one I could find on YouTube.)

2. Unspoken - Who You Are  
Now this one I heard on the radio while listening to Air1 and it just kind of stuck with me.  (What kind of goth/alternative listens to this kind of music?!  Uh, this one. :P )

3. Owl City - Shooting Star
This is a new song from Owl City, so naturally I had to check it out and loved it.

4. The Birthday Massacre - Burn Away
This is of their EP Imaginary Monsters, and I really want it, and maybe I will.

5. The Cure - The End of the World
I always seem to come back get this song stuck in my head...
6. For King & Country - The Proof of Your Love
I absolutely love the message of this song, and it is not shown enough, even with Christians.  Love is the most powerful thing in the world, more powerful than hate, and it is not just some stupid feeling that gets you into trouble and all that, it's so much more.


Friday, September 21, 2012


I have no Internet connection on my laptop for the time being, for about a month now actually, and for some reason blogger would no let me put up the poll for the Halloween challenge, till now. 

I have been terribly preoccupied with school, church, and life this month, and when I did have free time to get on and post, I didn't think about it and instead did other things like read for fun and draw and all that good stuff.  But with this Challenge, I think I'll be on here more.

Recently this month and last month I have been doing programing lights for weekend every other week and for Rift.  I've been running lights for a couple of years now but I have only programmed by myself a couple of times till this summer.  I never did it earlier because there was always a certain someone (who I shall not name) who was doing the lights instead all last year for Rift, but now that he is going to college there is only me to do lights for Rift.  I should show you guys some pictures of the place sometime.

As far as school goes, well it's a whole lot better than last year, my junior year, because not only do I have less subjects that I am taking but also because it is a little calmer I think. 

Currently I am taking:
  • Algebra II
  • Modern Literature/Speech
  • U.S. History (2nd half)/Economics
  • Bible
  • Geology + lab/ Psychology (college courses at MSUBillings)
  • Latin I (and by November), Latin II
  • Personal Finance (which instead of doing it in one semester I am doing it through the whole school year)
  • Geography (1/4 credit)

Next semester will look a little different, the slash (or is it dash? *brain just died*) represents the semesters.

Tah-tah for now!

Listening to: Burn Away - The Birthday Massacre