Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Already!

Time does fly, and too fast I might add.  It's weird thinking that only a year ago I was a freshman high schooler (homeschool).  And the most exicting things I can think of are: falling of a raft while whitewater rafting as me and another girl got flipped off by the rapids.  And finally getting to see my awesome friend that I hadn't seen in summer 2007 (she lives in Wyoming where we lived for a year.  Can't say I like Wyoming), and most recently not being able to put down the last book, book three: City of Glass, in the Imortal Instruments seres (I have been reading it for the last five hours!).  And I woun't even mention the bad times. 

What I look forward to is to get an awesome purple mohawk (probably not till May), to see my fave bands in concert (saddly I didn't get to go see TBM when they came here), and to over come my many downfalls.
And as always my New Year resolution is to get a better person thann now.

What I dread for the New Year is that I am going to learn to drive, which scares me, (I'm too young! (not really)), and that i am going to be one year closer to graduating.  I am not where near ready to be an adult with all that responsebility, and it's odd because I am not mature that most kids my age.  They act like morons. (Not to be mean.)

I'm a little said because I don't have directions to a friend's house who has invited me to a New Year's Eve party, I don't have her phone number either.  That seems weird considering she is now a friend of mine, I should know these things.

Anyways, I hope everyone else out there has plans and is having fun or going to have fun.  And if you must drink (I'm personally against it for myself), then please drink and don't get drunk!  I have never had a drink and don't want to but I have seen what it's like when people get drunk, it's horrible! 

Have an awesome New Years!!!  =D

Listening to: The Birthday Massacre - Kill The Lights  (I love this song, it's beautiful!)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Okay, so I must warn you that I don't always keep up on things like this, except my email for some reason, so there may be not many posts too often.  And I still have not made up my mind on what this blog could specifically be about, so it's about nothing really at the moment.

I seem to always go of rambling on so please excuse me when I do.  But here's somethings about me I thought I might as well write about.

I've been homeschooled all my life, moved around, and I am writing a story that I have been endlessly working on for three years.  And this whole blogging thing is new to me.  I also love the color purple.  Not that anyone cares about this stuff.  Oh!  And I also put myself down sometimes, so excuse that too, but I'll try not to be like that on here, OK? =)

Okay, so here is something else I want to mention about living in beautiful Montana.  Where I live is the biggest town (or city) here in this state and it sucks!  So people who want to move from California, Billings suck, and it's my hometown!  Okay, it really doesn't suck that much, but the mall does not joke.  But there are mallgoths everywhere, you know, Hot Topic lovers.  (cringe)  And people here stare, a lot.  But that might be because I wear a trench coat and black clothing (not always black!). 

And last but not least, I have no more to say.  Till next time.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I am a Christian Goth

I believe that the words below in the picture say just my thoughts on what a Christian Goth is! 

This says it perfectly!

There are Christians who think that Christian and goth do not go together, and the same with goths to Christianity.  Personally I don't see the problem, after all in the Christian sense of walking the road less traveled there is no need to wear a mask and cover who you really are, plus God already knows who that is.  And goth is about being ones self, which I like. 
Now I know to a lot of non-Christians, that name "Christian" is something they want to avoid, and it's because there are those fake "Crhistians" and those who just don't get it when the Bible says ACCEPT.  But not all are like that, like me and my outcast friends; and what gets me is Christians not accepting other Christians, I do not understand.  If there not against you there for you!  
Also I think I should mention that becoming a Christian is a choice, there is not you haft to, it's all choices,every part of Christianity is.  And the reason I am writing this is not to bother nor offen anyone, by the way, just for me to put this out there.  Most Christian goths become Christian after goth, but not me, Christian first then I guess goth.   
And I hope the rest of my posts in the future get better and don't bore anyone if I just did, I'm writing this late at night here because I figure I better write my first post here soon, and also I am not on here to preach to anyone, that's really not my thing, I just like writing down my thoughts, and in this case letting people know, well, what I wrote, Christian goth.  And they comlement each other quite well.  There's a Bible verse and I can't remember where it's at right now, but it goes:  What you learn in the darkness you share in the light!
Listening to: RED - Shadows