Friday, January 28, 2011

Christian Goth and C.Goth Friendly Music

This was a great request from ETERNITY KIDZ.  So here it is, Christian Goth and C.G. Friendly music.  I decided to add Christian goth friendly music because there are some good bands out there that I myself do enjoy and I think others will too.  After all, goths don't just listen to just goth music non-stop, right?  Right!

Note: I will not say Christian at the beginning of every band but instead let you now that all of the following bands are Christian.

Christian Goth bands:
Saviour Machine is a progressive gothic band that has also been labeled metal by Wikipedia.  They got there name from David Bowie's album The Man Who Sold The World.  The lyrical content covers themes from Revelation, war and death and also personal introspection. 
BATZZ in the Belfry  are a darkwave electro band.  They started in 2003 in the tradition of old-school gothic rock.  Their latest ablum is Glow in the Dark released in 2007.
Ending The Vicious Cycle  are a post-punk darkwave band formed in 2009.  Their are influenced by bands such as The Cure, Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees and Echo and the Bunnyman.  Their lyrics are introspective with melodic guitar lines and a classic 80's synth sound.
Reverend Leviathan has been programing/song writing since 2007, his music is more of goth electro.  His debut album, Eden's Graveyard, was released in 2008.  Voltaire stated - ". . . I think it's the only actual goth CD I've gotten in years. . . Keep up the good work!"
Dead Artist Syndrome is a gothic rock band formed in 1990.  Brian Healy was labeled "father of Christian goth" by Rozz Williams from Christian Death and Shadow Project. 
Beauty For Ashes is a gothic alternative band.  You can go to to listen.

Midnight Syndicate is a dark ambient band and are not Christian, and if you want to check them out you can read about them at   Personally I rather like them.

Punk bands:
The Last Hope are a hardcore punk band (also considered streetpunk).  They are influenced by late 70's punk and 80's rock n' roll and themes in their lyrics are usually common to horror punk. 
Grave Robber are a horror punk (rock) band.  Everything they stand for is no without symbalism, like the name, which refers to Jesus return.  They also where brown costums and zombie/skull masks.
FBS (Fight Before Surrender) is a hardworking punk band from San Antonio, TX (U.S.) formed in 2003.  Some of the band that have influenced them are Motorhead, GHB and The Exploited.  And like many in not all of the bands mentioned above they can be found on
Children 18:3 are a punk rock band, whose members are David, Lee Marie and Seth, homeschooling sibling (I found this interesting).  Their name comes from a verse in the Bible, Matthew 18:3.  They originally formed in 1999.

Alternative Rock bands:
The Becoming (also known as We Are The Becoming) are a rock band with dark feeling of insturmental sound (and maybe a sound of pop).   Not too long back they toured with 69 Eyes and Dommin.  They are also in the prosses of changing their name.
Red are a hard rock (alternative) band established in 2004.  Their first single "Breathe Into Me" hit number 15 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart (and their a Christian band!).  (In fact I have their Innocence & Instinct CD and love it!)
Skillet is a rang from alternative metal and hard rock along with others.  Collide and Comatose are probably the most well known albums, along with their newest on Awake.  They officially started in 1996. 
Showbread is a band with no specific genre, or as they call it, "raw rock".  The band's name comes from biblical reference, that Jesus taught new Christians, it's not about rules but about love.  In fact the band's purpose was to be fit to play Sunday mornings at the Southern Baptist church they attended, but when the began to play "goth punk" music their church told them to spot playing that kind of music.  Their lyrics are often introspective and inspire different interpretations to listeners.  The have mistakening been labeled emo or screamo.
Nine Lashes are an experimental rock band and are brought together under one Name their hearts break for this world that is dying.  Their name comes from "Cat of Nine Tails" that was an instrument thought to have been used on Christ before the cross. 

Also here are a couple of bands I almost left out.
Vexing Souls are a metal band with strong gothic influence (or gothic metal). 
Demon Hunter is a hardcore metal band.

Also there are a lot more metal bands and I can asure you there are more of each of the genres I have covered (especially in alternative rock).  But these are the ones that I know of.  You can get out because I know they mention a lot more bands, covering more in metal also.



Thanks, CG! This is great post!
I'll be having fun checking all these guys out;
so you have yourself a nice weekend, as well.

Outcast146 said...

I've never heard of most of these bands but I do know Skillet! lol I love them. I'll have to look up these other bands :)
Keep it up!

MinorChord said...

Oooh. These are good. I've been having trouble finding bands like this. Thanks

Darling Violetta said...

I really love your blog! It's great to meet another Christian Goth. :)

Have you heard of the Christian Goth band Leper? They're amazing.

Check out their music video on YouTube:

Jeani said...

My name is Jeani, I have a tiny label called Key Records (since 1986!) and I have just rereleased a classic Brit Goth download/CD from 1991! It's from The Children of Power. Email if you're interested...

AJ said...

awesome list of artist. I haven't heard of some of them yet. I am real into christian metal in general, so i like alot of the goth influenced stuff too. I would suggest also the band "Templar" (some of their albums are "Witchhunt", "Preaching to the Perverted", and "Dark Circus"). Their style is more 'dark wave metal', but theres definitely a goth influence in their music and they are christian. God Bless.