Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Change in Blogs

Hello everyone, I came here to tell you about my new blog that you are welcome to follow at A Day Dreamer's Blog.  I don't think I shall be posting much on this blog.  The reason for creating a new one is because I kind of just wanted to start over as this blog was more about my gothy interests and gothiness and it felt better to leave it as is and start up a new one for other things.

My interests have changed over the last few months and goth really just doesn't fit how one would describe or label me anymore.  I would rather go by alternative, which is really what I am rather than goth and what I was always.  Many of my interests are gothicly inclined still and haven't changed but how I feel about it and what I consider true goth has changed.

All the same this blog will always be here and you are welcome to come join me in my new one.


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