Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Short and Random

First off, I am working on a project that I will show everyone hopefully by Thursday or Friday since I just started today.  It's not a quick one either, and with school to get done before the weekend, it'll take even longer (so it seems in my mind, because once I start I need to finish, like now!).

Also, I promise there will be a book review soon, I started then got really extra busy and am going to finish it.  Hint: I don't know much about fairies but now I know quite a bit.

By the way, does any one know where a girl in the U.S. in Montana can get a pair of candy strip tights or fish net ones even?

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Angel of Darkness

Spring is in the air!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Christian Goth Attire

There are so many different styles of goth out there, just look at The Ultimate Goth Guide for and example of all the different styles out there.  I still have not quiet figured out what my style is exactly, it's just whatever I choose to wear really. 

Modesty, there isn't very much of that in society today with breasts and a lot of bare skin everywhere, not to mention those ridiculously short shorts.  And modest is what every Christian should wear, not that they have to but that they should.  Now there are styles of goth fashion that I don't think it would be right for a Christian goth to wear, such as the fetish look for instance (not that I have anything against it).  I mean lets face it, you just can't be all that modest wearing fetish clothing. 

Crud sayings on shirt and purses and the like a Christian goth should I think probably stay away from too and anything that may include anything that implies something sexual (even if you don't mean it that way by any means).  I'm not saying never to wear fishnet or mesh here though, but to simply keep it modest, but that is up to the individual.  And in my own opinion I believe rips are just fine (as long as nothing much shows skin that, you know, way up your thigh and stuff), in fact I have a pair of teal skinny jeans that I put cuts in all the way up to the middle of my thigh. 
Of course the cross, rosary or crucifix are the accessories if your a Christian goth, obviously.  And another good one would be the fish symbol, or the Jesus Fish.  This Jesus Fish was used before the cross was and it was used to let the early Christians know that a place was safe or that that people was also a fellow Christian, because you could just let people know you were or you were a dead man.

When it comes to skulls and skulls and cross bones people hesitate at.  Frankly I say that skulls are just fine, speaking since I have a necklace with a skull cross bones on it.  But I have known people those parents say no way, nothing with skulls, so you might as well respect your parents, you better off.  But I don't see how wearing them here and there can be a bad thing, just as long as you don't seem obsessed of course.  I happen to mention to my friend Cassandra that the doctor I went to that day told me that a skull and crosses (that necklace I mention and my favorite cross earrings) were strange to where together like that (okay?) and she said that I could always tell people that , "Well, they both have to do with death."  Bats and spiders are fine, nothing wrong with them.  I hope I don't have to say that pagan and the like symbols are a no no.  The ankh, an Egyptian symbol, though I think is acceptable, since it does mean eternal life, (which is also what the cross means; also, just make sure you know what the symbol means before you where it.

Going to church?  Well, at church I would say you probably want to leave a lot of the jewelry and spikes and chains at home, and over all tone down the extreme.  It's not just so you won't be asked to leave (in some cases) but because it is polite, and in 2 Peter (I believe it's 2 Peter, if I'm wrong sorry, it's been a long day) where it says that while worshiping woman should not draw attenting to themselves with lots fo jewelry and that kind of stuff. 

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Angel of Darkness

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ending The Vicious Cycle

I really like this band, their sound is unique like most of the bands I love.  I talked about them in my much earlier post on Christian Goth and C.Goth Friendly music. 


Hope you enjoy this great song by Ending The Vicious Cycle, a really good ChristianGoth darkwave band.
The song is called Touch Dispelled.
Angel of Darkness

Friday, March 11, 2011

Only For Attention?

I have heard time and time again that people dress different, goth, or emo to simply get attention.  Even the other night at youth group my (awesome) small group leader said that back in her day there where all kinds of ways for kids to get attention, like mohawks and styles of dress.  I always have to wonder at things like this, ask why and find the answer, because this never crossed my mind before (I'm like this a lot with many things, not seeing things the way the general norm see them, and was one of the many reasons I feel like an outsider, and probably am).  Even when I asked my mom if she thought that, because back when she was a teen she dressed unique and was judged as "bad" (like in drugs) by teachers, and she even said that in some cases that was probably true (she didn't do it for attention, though).  She said it was more than likely the majority. 

Now yes, that is probably true for more than a few out there, because it does bring attention.  But I will be the first to say that that is not why I am Goth and want a purple mohawk, and I know for a fact that that is not the case with many of my friends either.  But time and time again I have heard that said.  I also know that that is true for some more into the emo fashion.

I do realize now why people think that, like I said it does attract attention, how could it not!  But I see it (Goth, clearly the fashion, and also including very different kind of fashion) is not to get purely attention, even if you like attention, but to just be happy in wearing something that makes you feel great.  Even if all things that are to this earth only and are material don't matter one bit and will just be done with eventually, it still feels good to wear what you want and to just be yourself.  That's the big picture, being yourself, and not listening to the world.  It's not right to lie to yourself or to anyone for that matter.  I see it as, if you pretend that you like what other's want you too than your a fake, faking who you really are, because they way you dress, what music you listen to, and how you act reflect who you really are.

Except you know, I really don't like attention on me and being Goth and dressing the way I do draws attention.  That used to really bother me being a bit insecure at the time, but now I couldn't care less, besides why wouldn't they look at me when I'm dressed awesome!  (Hehehe) 

Love this pic!

Randomish note: (Yes I know randomish is not a word, I just made it up.)  So, on my facebook wall I posted a question saying: "Should I get a purple mohawk?"  And I got 15 comments from my friends.  My more preppy friends said "no way!" and my other more crazy friends and my cousin said "Definitely!"  I also asked my family that day to and a few other friends and so far it was about 5 no's and 5 yes's.  And I didn't count my grandma who I knew would say no, I just had to ask.  I still plan on getting one regardless of what my friends and family say only because I really want one, but it is up to my parents.  They say it's too extreme which is the whole point, I want something extreme and something I have never done before.  Plus what good is hair if you can't play with it and have fun? (Kidding!)  I am not doing it for attention or to rebell, but I want to look back and say I did it and loved it!

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Angel of Darkness

Monday, March 7, 2011

Everything has a Dark Side

I think this person has interesting things do say on the matter of how vampires and Christianity relate together.  I would never have thought of it that way but it's all very true.  This particular video is part one of a three part series, the second on lycanthropy and the third is on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and coming to Christ in pieces and each one is just as true and interesting.

There are people out there that assume that Christianity is a light, fluffy, happy, and even preppy but it's not.  Just like in life in Christianity there is the Light and the Dark, but its about striving for the Light, finding what is beautiful in the Darkness and shunning away all that is evil and wrong on God's eyes, and finding ones self, dying before you can truly be alive.

I happen to be reading Pilgrims Progress and it's a perfect illustration of the walk that ever Christian travels and goes through, more or less.  It's a great book too.

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Angel of Darkness

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Are Always In The Dark

The Birthday Massacre is one of my most favorite bands ever!  And I got my best friend Nicole hooked on them too.  Pins and Needles is their fourth studio album and it was released on September 14th, 2010, and within a week I bought it!  In my opinion every song on that album is fantastic!  But my favorites are In The Dark, Sleepwalking and Pins and Needles.

In The Dark is a great song and in the dark is where we all have been sometime or another. . . Enjoy!

"Darkness is all around me; thick, impenetrable darkness is everywhere." - Job 23:17

Angel of Darkness