Monday, May 30, 2011

The Beauty of Inspiration and Imagination

Inspiration is truly something beautiful in my eyes, and I am not alone here I know.  It is everywhere, everything we see and experience, even something invisible.  Dark or light, sad or happy, life or death.  In the books you read, the people you meet, the places you see.  What I wirte about is mostly this: bits a pieces of my life (the people, places, etc.) and them the rest if left to the beauty of imagination, which can also be a dangerous thing.  That is what I use to draw.  First take what you see then use what you know then add some of your own creativeness. 

My inspiration comes from more than what I know and see with my naked eye, more than smell, touch, taste, and smell.  It begins with a single spark from something I have seen or hear, then comes my imagination, all the way to the deepest most pure and sensitive part of the mind.  That is in fact where I like to spend a lot of my time, whether I mean to or not, I find myself wondering there often and listening to muisc doesn't help.  The reason I like Owl City (yes, I like Owl City, and what are you going to do about it?) is that it's full of imagination and inspiration.  In fact right now I am listening to Galaxies.  I like music like this, that brings out creativity, the imagination, and doesn't help the daydreamer, if you get what I mean.  The Birthday Massacre is also one to bring up. 

When you listen to the mainstream radio stations all I hear is music about some guy singing about some girl, sex, what a girl/guy looks like and how you want them, etc.  It's all just so boring and meaningless to my ears, and to me has no true inspiration in it.  But that's me.  I don't want to hear about that stuff.  A love song here and there is fine if it's a good one, or something like Eloise by The Damned I am fine with me (specially since I love that song).  Music is a great inspiration, if it's the right song and your in the right mood.

I remember when I was younger the swing at the park, or anywhere really, was my favorite, and I would swing for over an hour at least if I could.  I would stare into the sky and fly away.  When trying to fall asleep is also when my mind just loves to fly away with me, night is also when I love to write, and with that right song in the dim light of my desk lamp, that's what I call perfect. 

Speaking of inspirational songs, one of my favorites (besides the one I'm listening to now) is Who Killed Mr. Moonlight by Bauhaus.  What ever did happen to innocence?

Listening to: Galaxies by Owl City

Angel of Darkness

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Word About Open-Mindedness

So many people dislike Christianity because they feel that Chirstians are all narrow-minded, and judgemental.  I have come across on the internet a while back trying to find Christian goth bands, on yahoo answers found a comment saying no there's not because Christians are so narrow-minded.  I didn't like that, at all.  How true that might be for some, especially those who call themselves Christian only because they were raised in a Christian home and/or go to church every weekend.  But for a lot of us (real Christians) that isn't true. 

I can see why non-Christians (not all) would think that.  They simply just don't get it and they just don't understand the Bible or why us strange freaks follow a God that could never exist and that the Bible is the "living" Word.  Yeah right.  But yeah, that's why a lot of the time.

Then there's that issue of gay.  In society it is accepted and if your Christian your oh so close minded for thinking it still wrong.  News flash for you here (you as in society), but your the close minded ones.  My personal belief in this (agree or not that's all your own choise) but to me gay is a sin.  Your not born that way, it's scientifically proven.  One is born with genetic tendancies, but it's up to that person to not or to be gay.  It's not the person that is bad, it's entirly the sin.  Love the sinner hate the sin.  We all sin.

There is a very fine line that separates right from wrong and we all cross it all the time, and it's only after we do that we realize we crossed it.  The line that separates sin from that which is good.  A Christ-follower (which is a Christian) is much more aware (I would hope most are but then again...) of this line and try very hard not to cross it as much as possible.  Like myself.  But society pushed it up and is saying that these things that weren't okay are now okay. 

Is it truly close mindedness to stray away from that which is wrong and is it truly open mindedness to say that what we say goes and everything else is stupid and old fashioned? 

I feel as if I have been thrown out of socirty because of being Christian and then because of being goth too.  I am not when it comes to being with my fellow Christians, like at my youth group, who doesn't seem to care what I'm wearing but take me in because I'm Christian.  Not every church is like this saddly, but I aspire to change that, and maybe even the way the world views us, as nothing more than mud on their windshield.  There's right and wrong, then there's open mindedness and close mindedness.  They are not the same!

Angel of Darkness

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here At Last

Did anyone hear about that guy who said that the end of the world was last Saturday then changed it to five months later?  My friends and I had a bit of a laugh over that...

It has just been crazy here with ir rainning like crazy for a week now.  The highway to Wyoming is closed from flooding, the way to Lockwood and Shepherd, and lastly Roundup.

That was Roundup close to six hours ago.

For the moment today has been drying up and sunny, finally!  Thankfully our house didn't get flooded like many others.

And for me, yep just crazy.  Last weekend I was a my church 1 - 7:30pm on Saturday and 7:55am - 12:30pm Sunday doing lighting, which I might add was very stressful the first night.  After all this isn't like youth group, it's much more professional and a scew up, like lighting 2 seconds off cue, is not good at all.  And so one with everything else in life.

Tuesday of last week I spent a told of four hours getting my hair dyed, and it took all ofmy birthday money.  But it was worth it in the end!  And yes I will have pictures, at least if you want to see.  It's basically a intense bright redish color with black tips at least two inches up, and I love it!  Along with everyone else.  Except that yesterday I went into McDonald's with my best friend Cassandra and the guys at the cash register looked up at me in surprise and never looked back, purposely.  It was rather funny and I almost laughed right there but I decided to be nice and hold it back.  It made my day though!

Also I have planned on posting a post (yes, the same word twice) at least once a week, not only for those of who you actaully like reading my posts but it's almost destressing, which is needed at much as possible.  If you have not yet gathered I am a person who gets stressed fairly easy, sometimes without realizing it. 

Listening to: FM Static - Last Train Home

Angel of Darkness

Sunday, May 8, 2011

...Am I Still Breathing...

Ever have those songs that you just can't stop listening to?  You can play them over and over and sometimes not get tired of it.  Yeah, I really like this song since the first time I heard it on the radio (the Effect).

Ladies and gents, I give you Wolves At The Gate with there song Heralds, the official music video.

Angel of Darkness