Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Change in Blogs

Hello everyone, I came here to tell you about my new blog that you are welcome to follow at A Day Dreamer's Blog.  I don't think I shall be posting much on this blog.  The reason for creating a new one is because I kind of just wanted to start over as this blog was more about my gothy interests and gothiness and it felt better to leave it as is and start up a new one for other things.

My interests have changed over the last few months and goth really just doesn't fit how one would describe or label me anymore.  I would rather go by alternative, which is really what I am rather than goth and what I was always.  Many of my interests are gothicly inclined still and haven't changed but how I feel about it and what I consider true goth has changed.

All the same this blog will always be here and you are welcome to come join me in my new one.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If You Really Want It You Can Wait

For quite a long time I have been wanting a death hawk/mohawk with side burns and all, and even possibly purple and black, or red.  Since I was fifteen that has been a hair style I would like to have.  Right now is the shortest my hair has ever been but no Mohawk. 

 This was before I got my hair cut this summer.

This is how it looks now. 
You may be wondering why I haven't gotten a Mohawk yet like I want.  Well, there are two reasons really.  The first one is that off and on I would decide I wanted a different kind of hair cut/style, and to me that is a sign not to get one until those doubts go away, or I may end up hating it.  (They are gone now.)  The second reason is that when I asked my mom and dad about it.  My mom isn't too big on the idea but she said she could see me with one, but thought I should wait, and my dad just told me that I could do whatever when I was eighteen, which I won't have too long to wait for. 
I now there are others who would just go out and get what they wanted anyways or do it themselves because they didn't like the answer they got.  Well, I find that rude and immature, not to mention disrespectful.  You certainly may want a piercing, or colored hair, or Mohawk, yes, but if you are under eighteen or live under your parents roof then you should probably listen.  My mom isn't against the idea and when I get one she won't be all upset.  But that is just my mom.  My dad couldn't care less I'm sure.  Which is fine with me!  But even if your parents are strict and all, rebelling isn't doing anyone any good, in that sense anyways.
And if you can't wait for it, then you must not want it too bad.  I have learned that from experience in all kinds of thing from clothes, to hair, to whatever. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Doc Martens!

I totally intended on posting last month, I have pictures and everything all planned out, but obviously that didn't work out.  Life is a mystery sometimes and to be honest some things came up and I wasn't up for posting anything at all till now since I kind of only have a half day of school today. 

But I do have a post for you all today, about my first pair of Doc Martens. 

I have never owned a pair before but I always wanted to.  So with the money I had from working long hours at the Fair this summer I went to Jouneys and bought this pair here.  And I am very excited about it because for the first time I bought, with my own money, a really nice pair of boots.  They cost me $140, the most I have ever spent on one buy or even in one month.  I never have that kind of money.

I have only worn them three times so far and on the back of each ankle I got a nasty blister from breaking them in.  But each time I wear them they get more comfortable, as is usual with boots.  I hope they last a long time, they appear like they will.

 Listening to: Aerosmith - Dream On


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Halloween Related Cliches; Week 2

Sorry for this post being like a week late but I've been really busy with school at the moment. 

So I didn't necessarily skip Week 1 but I kind of made a post about my thoughts on Halloween last year so I figured that I'd cheat and just put the link up, here.  Basically though, I really do hate it when people accuse Satan of having a birthday or a day to himself because he doesn't have a birthday and God is in control everyday of the it's just disturbing to even think that way about it.  Some things I like though would be making decorations and carving pumpkins!  And candy...always candy...

Moving on now... Some cliches that I have that relate to Halloween are you, goth cliches too more or less.  For instance the whole spooky creepy like stuff that only comes out during this time of the year like my love of skulls and bats.

I like to watch movies such as Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) and Young Frankenstein (1974) or movies that have the whole Halloween cliche thing going on that sometimes it seems slightly ridiculous and overused.  I usually watch these movies on Halloween or close enough.  Oh, and Hocus Pocus (1993).

I also like to try and dress up, and take myself little sister trick or treating with my mom.  This year I kind of want to do something vampire like, but I'm not sure, I usually do something like a witch.

That's all I can think of at the moment.


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Halloween Challenge

Since I know I won't have ideas for all 31 days of October, I just decided it would be practical to do one for every week.  Plus, that way if you are like me and don't have time to post everyday, you can just choose a day out of your week to post.  I think I will post every Wednesday or Thursday...

So here are the weeks that lead up to Halloween:

Week One: What is your favorite things about Halloween? What are your thoughts on Halloween?

Week Two: What are some of your Halloween related cliches?

Week Three: What is one of your favorite Halloween costume? If you still like to dress up, what are you wearing this year?

Week Four: Make a spooky treat to eat.

Week Five: What are your plans for Halloween? Share some pictures of your spooky Halloween. (Like throughout your day or pictures of the party you are going to or something.)

It's just something that I thought would be a fun thing to do for the occasion.  I hope you all would like to join me in this, and don't for get to link to me if you do. ^-^


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