Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Art of DIY and Creation

Ever had those days when you go scissor happy or are sitting around listening to music and begin creating in the form of a drawing, painting, or DIY?  The creative mode comes out and it feels like a weight is lifted after completeing whatever it was.  I have had this many a time.  Sometimes I hold it back because I'm not sure it will turn out the way I want, and then it never gets done, but there are also those few times where holding it back was the best thing I could have done because it turns out better than I planned.

A while back I had gone to Michaels (Art & Craft store) to buy some fabric paint and a brush for painting on shirts and what ever else I wanted.  I had this plain black shirt that I wanted to do something with and thought of painting on it, but I held it off not sure of what and if it would even turn out good at all and my shirt would be ruined.  So the paints just sat there waiting for the day when I would pick them off the shelf and use them...

And well, on Friday the 6th of May their wish and wanting finally came true because it was then that I finally knew what I wanted to do, and after some practice on an old shirt the finished shirt was born...

And it only took about an hour or so to do.
I had to draw down the desgin I wanted on paper first a couple of times to make sure I had something to work with, then lightly paint the desgin on the back of an old and too small shirt to see how it would come out, and well it came out good.  Then I lightly painted my desgin on the plain black shirt and then when that was done I put on more so you could see it and in the picture above it what came out.  I call it the coffin-cross (if you can imagine why).  I am very happy with it and in fact am wearing it now.  This was one of my most resent creations so far.  I will show my older ones done at least a year or less ago shortly along with any new ones when they come along. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Even though this next creation is not mine I think it is worth showing.  My dear best friend Cassandra made this for me for my birthday... She knows me too well.

                                                                       I absolutly love it! 

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Angel Of Darkness

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summertime Is Here

I meant to post this like a week or so ago but with everything going on I haven't, so here it is, and hopefully not too late.

Summer happpens to be one of my less favorite times of the year and more so once August comes around.  But here I am actaully happy about this summer because it's bound to be a cooler one with the high probably no more than 90 degrees instead of closer to a hundred.  But even so it's still hot and wearing black in the hot sun isn't very pleasent if you ask me.  So here I am going to state my tips for a gothy summer wardrobe.

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 Summer is the time for staying our way too late, having fun with friends, camping, going on vacations and of course the water parks.  Even though for me w because there is more day light, water parks and swimming really aren't my favorite thing.  Summer, welcome it as an old friend or dread the heat and stay inside till it gets late enough out.  For me I only like to go out in the morning and in the evening because heat isn't my favorite either.  But as everyone knows, no matter what, if the sun is out and it starts getting nice out put on sun block.  I really have to make sure I do since skin cancer runs in my family.  I hope I'm not allergic to the sun though... my grandma is.

I go for the cut up and more ripped look in the summer with my shirts, leggings, and even a pair of teal pants.  In the winter when it gets really cold, into the teens, you end up covering up a lot, and anything that's ripped or cut up into that shredded look is too cold, but in summer wearing that stuff feels good.  So first tip of summer is bring out your clothes that you ripped and shredded up. 

I must say I really like the look of wearing very faded (flare) jeans and a black shirt with, lets say, a cross or rib cage on it and a few necklaces and bracelets.  Faded jeans don't get as hot as waering black or darker ones, and pants that are flare are my favorite ones to wear in the warmer weather, and heck, it's even better when they're ripped some, either boughten that way or not.  Also I like to wear white and black plaid short or bermuda shorts, after all what better to keep you more cool than white.  Plus I have a love of plaid.

And then there's anything that is airly and flowing, like maybe a maxi skirt or a blouse.  Like wearing a tank top and long flowing skirt (a look I also like for summer). 

And definitly lighten up on any layering.  On of the nice things about black is that even if it looks see through and it's very thin, you can still wear it and not worry about anything showing through it, up like lighter colors.  I have a shirt that is paper thin but you would know up til you held it out.

I would also advise lightening up on jewelry if your like me and like to wear three or more necklaces.  Wear a a chain with a big pendent one it, which for me would be my big cross my gandma gave me, or my skeletal key. 

I use to like to pull up my hair into whatever wacky creation I could think of that still looked good, but it's too short still.  But when I get long hair again that is what I will be doing.  Or your could get a very short hair cut with not hair on the neck (which I what I did last year).  And at Target for instance, they have a very nice mesh sun hat.

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Angle of Darkness

Friday, June 3, 2011

Worth Dying For

I swear I am not being lazy here, but music is a big part of my life and so I post videos to share with you guys.  Plus I have a story to tell about these guys called Worth Dying For.

On the radio I heard a song I really liked and didn't know who sung it or the name of the song, but I knew that Trever McNevan, lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static, sung in it.  I then found out it was by a group called Worth Dying For and the song was Through Your Eyes.

Last Wednesday, the 1st of June, at youth group before worship they played a video that I thought was a really cool one.  I knew nothing about it.  And just tonight when I was finding this song on youtube, as I scrolled down the page, I saw that video and guess who it was by.  Yes, Worth Dying For.  I had never heard of them before but here was a song and video that I fell in love with, almost like it was meant to be.

So here is the video they played at Rift:

Worth Dying For is a Christian worship band from Modesto, California (U.S.).  These guys are the worship band at the ministry Ammunition in Modesto, CA.  The former President of Integrity Music, which is who Worth Dying For released there first album through, said in the online based Christian MusicDaily magazine, "In a day when most new bands are trying anything but original, Worth Dying For is an exception.  This band is writing great new songs, and their sound is fresh and origianl.  Birthed out of a church with a desire to reach their generation for Christ, Worth Dying For is focused on the right stuff.  It's refreshing and contagious."

Here is that song I was talking about:

And by the way, I want to know who ever is reading this wants to see more of in my blogs and less of.  I am perfectly open to new ideas and lessening things you just don't want to hear so much of.  But I do hope some of you did enjoy!  :)

Angel of Darkness