Friday, October 28, 2011

Holloween is So Near Now

I wanted to get this written a week ago bust, all well. 

Halloween has always been one of my favorite days and October one of my favorite times of the year being autumn and everything.  I love the changing colors of the trees, the smell of the chilly air of decaying leaves, and the way the day looks because the sunsets and we get night.  October really is the only month that we get autumn here in Montana because if it doesn't snow before Halloween, or one it, it snows after, and once that happens you could say that winter is pretty much here, so are autumn is like a month and a half usually. 

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One of my favorite parts of this time of the year is eating candy, making Halloween decorations, watching some of my favorite movies on channels like ABC Family, and carving pumpkins!  Oh, and how could I forget, baked pumpkin seeds are the best, and dangerous!  I do like to dress up too, but this year I don't think it will happen because I am out of ideas sadly.  But I can still have a good time anyways, like dressing in black and orange. 

Only one thing has ever bugged me about Halloween, and that is the people who say that if you're a Christian then you can't celebrate Halloween.  It just bugs me, and yes it is there opinion, but it always makes me feel in some way disturbed.  So the other day I was listening to the Air1 radio station and the guy hosting the afternoon show was saying how he got all of these emails from people talking about Halloween and whether it was right or not.  Same old stuff I always hear: it's Satan's holiday, Satan's birthday, or it's evil.  And he said something that turned on a light bulb: we aren't here to condemn the culture but to redeem it, and it's just another one of God's days.  So if God makes ever single day then why would He make a day for Satan!  That's blasphemy in the fact that to say that God would do such a thing like that is disrespectful to Him.  It's not different from any other day.  Celebrate it or don't, that is up to you, but please don't say it's Satan's holiday because that is just wrong, and frankly it is disturbing to me to think that Satan could have a day to himself.  So let's not go there.

And what's with Christmas stuff up way before Halloween now?  I mean really, two over two month before Christmas.  I don't even want to think of Christmas and the cold, and SNOW!  Why must they torture me so! 

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Angel of Darkness


cam. said...

So true. God created everyday. We can't pick and say this one is Satan's.

And I CAN'T STAND that Christmas stuff is up now! Thanksgiving is in between Halloween and Christmas! What about that? haha

Dark Fantomzy said...

God did create everyday, all Satan does is kill, steal, and destroy.

And seriously, what about Thanksgiving, huh? I saw an ad for Christmas stuff in the paper yesterday and I was thinking, "What!?"

Well, they probably don't count that holiday because the only thing you buy is food, there are no "Thanksgiving" decorations :P