Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stereotypes of Homeschoolers

With anything there is always good and bad stereotypes.  When these pertain to me personally than sometimes it's a little upsetting depending on what it is, and when it comes to being a homeschooler there are a couple common ones that bug me every now and again. 

Stereotypes surrounding homeschoolers:

  • Homeschoolers are antisocial because they are home all the time.  Not true at all.  I get this one the most with being asked about how I am not antisocial being home all the time.  Well, I really don't have too great an answer for that, I mean how can you be antisocial by being home?  It's not like we are shut up in our homes all the time and never go outside or anything.  In fact homeschoolers are very social (at least all the ones I am aware of which is a lot).  I mean to be honest, sure there are some of us who are home more than others but a lot of homeschoolers are not home a lot at all.  There's sports, gymnastics, dancing, co-ops, balls, field trips, get togethers, youth groups and what ever else.  Plus most have more than one brother or sister so even if they are home all the time you're not away from people.
  • Homeschoolers are behind in schooling.  I'd say the first is the most common, and this one is probably not as common but I've heard it more than once.  Actually while meeting a friend's dad he asked me what school I went to.  I told him I was homeschooled and he asked if I was way behind other kids my age school wise.  How rude is that!  He thought I was like in fourth grade even though I was 14 at the time.  That is not true at all!  Just because my mom is not able to be a teacher in a public school doesn't mean she can't teach me.  And this goes for any homeschool mom.  In fact being in high school now I do all my work independently because it is all geard towards the student, me.  It's not hard to figure out what I am reading, I mean really.  I am just where I need to be, and most homeschoolers I know are definitely not behind, but just at or above.  And the thing about homeschooling is that you can work to fit the individual, say like in reading level or skill.  Not everyone works the same way.
  • Homeschoolers are very smart and above public school kids.  This one isn't a bad one.  I found this to be sometimes true, but that's because you can go as fast as you want.  I knew a kid in my biology class who was the youngest out of all of us, eighth grade, and he was like the smartest kid there, while the rest of is were ninth and tenth graders.  It all depends on the curriculum and the individual.
  • Homeschoolers are well behaved.  This is pretty much true.  You can usually see a difference between someone that is homeschooled and someone who goes to public school in behavior, like manners and politeness towards parents and such.  But hey, I am not bashing on any public school kids, there's nothing wrong with going to school, and most of my friends are public school kids, so PLEASE do not take offence.
  • Homeschoolers get to sleep in and stay in their pajamas.  Sorry, that one is not really true at all.  Maybe not all of us have to get up as early, and sure we can be in sweats if we aren't going anywhere, but school work isn't going to get done all by its self, someone has to do it.  My mom makes us get us and get dressed and ready for the day, but we can still be in sweats if we want.  I hate sweats, and I hate doing school late into the afternoon.

While there is more I'm sure, the first two I mention bug me, and I hate that people think that, but all well.  The last two don't bug me, but I just put them in there because I never said I was only mentioning the bad stereotypes. 

I love being homeschooled and would have it no other way, and have known no other way, and going to public school really doesn't seem too appealing to me.  It's not the being around kids most of the day or going to a school instead of being home, but of other things.  I have heard lots of stuff about school and it's never good stuff.  Drugs, smoking, bullying, etc.  But I truly can't say anything for myself about it having never been. 

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