Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Christian Goth Attire

There are so many different styles of goth out there, just look at The Ultimate Goth Guide for and example of all the different styles out there.  I still have not quiet figured out what my style is exactly, it's just whatever I choose to wear really. 

Modesty, there isn't very much of that in society today with breasts and a lot of bare skin everywhere, not to mention those ridiculously short shorts.  And modest is what every Christian should wear, not that they have to but that they should.  Now there are styles of goth fashion that I don't think it would be right for a Christian goth to wear, such as the fetish look for instance (not that I have anything against it).  I mean lets face it, you just can't be all that modest wearing fetish clothing. 

Crud sayings on shirt and purses and the like a Christian goth should I think probably stay away from too and anything that may include anything that implies something sexual (even if you don't mean it that way by any means).  I'm not saying never to wear fishnet or mesh here though, but to simply keep it modest, but that is up to the individual.  And in my own opinion I believe rips are just fine (as long as nothing much shows skin that, you know, way up your thigh and stuff), in fact I have a pair of teal skinny jeans that I put cuts in all the way up to the middle of my thigh. 
Of course the cross, rosary or crucifix are the accessories if your a Christian goth, obviously.  And another good one would be the fish symbol, or the Jesus Fish.  This Jesus Fish was used before the cross was and it was used to let the early Christians know that a place was safe or that that people was also a fellow Christian, because you could just let people know you were or you were a dead man.

When it comes to skulls and skulls and cross bones people hesitate at.  Frankly I say that skulls are just fine, speaking since I have a necklace with a skull cross bones on it.  But I have known people those parents say no way, nothing with skulls, so you might as well respect your parents, you better off.  But I don't see how wearing them here and there can be a bad thing, just as long as you don't seem obsessed of course.  I happen to mention to my friend Cassandra that the doctor I went to that day told me that a skull and crosses (that necklace I mention and my favorite cross earrings) were strange to where together like that (okay?) and she said that I could always tell people that , "Well, they both have to do with death."  Bats and spiders are fine, nothing wrong with them.  I hope I don't have to say that pagan and the like symbols are a no no.  The ankh, an Egyptian symbol, though I think is acceptable, since it does mean eternal life, (which is also what the cross means; also, just make sure you know what the symbol means before you where it.

Going to church?  Well, at church I would say you probably want to leave a lot of the jewelry and spikes and chains at home, and over all tone down the extreme.  It's not just so you won't be asked to leave (in some cases) but because it is polite, and in 2 Peter (I believe it's 2 Peter, if I'm wrong sorry, it's been a long day) where it says that while worshiping woman should not draw attenting to themselves with lots fo jewelry and that kind of stuff. 

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Angel of Darkness


ultimategothguide said...

Very interesting post; I have been receiving some negative attention from Christian bloggers over on my page so it is nice to have a reminder that Christianity and Goth CAN go hand in hand!

Angel of Darkness said...

@UltiamteGothGuide: Thanks! That is actually one of the reasons why I started this blog. :)

Cirith said...

I agree with most of what you say but I would nix the ankh. I believe it's a pagan symbol and should not be worn by Christian Goths.

Apart from that though I agree completely.